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Your Innovation, Our Memory

Your Innovation, Our Memory

Emerging technologies require innovation on a whole new scale. See how we partner closely with our customers to gain unique insights about how we can optimize our memory solutions to enable your innovations—and help you change the world.

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Memory for Automotive

Memory for Automotive

Technology is reshaping the concept of driving. Automakers are developing countless new driver-assistance features and systems. See how Micron’s memory solutions are helping to enable these new supercomputing capabilities.

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For more than 30 years Micron has redefined innovation by designing, developing, and manufacturing some of the world’s most advanced technologies.

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Elpida Is Now Micron

With the combined strength of our products, technology, and team members—our customers now have access to the broadest portfolio of best-in-class technology.

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All blog posts tagged "NAND"

Not All SSDs Are Created Equal: Optimizing Performance Through Flash Management

Doug Rollins   |   July 9, 2013   |   All Products

To get the most out of solid state storage, you must be privy to a little secret: not all solid state drives (SSDs) are created equal. Optimal SSD performance and reliability rely heavily on all of the drive’s parts—the controller, the firmware, and the NAND Flash itself—working and playing nicely together. Well-thought-out and strategic Flash management helps this kindergarten lesson become a storage reality.  As George Crump, lead analyst for Storage Switzerland, d...

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Dean's List: ISC'13 Part 3

Dean Klein   |   June 27, 2013   |   All Products

Guten Tag on my last day at ISC in Leipzig. My panel on Memory System Design took place Thursday morning. My three panelists—Dr. Jae Jeong from Samsung, Todd Farrell from Micron, and Roger Pearce from Lawrence Livermore National Labs—each presented their views on opportunities in the design of memory systems. Given that we were the first session on the morning of the last day, I was pleased with the attendance. While it may seem to us that Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) has reached the cri...

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Tame the Boot Storm

Janene Ellefson   |   May 14, 2013   |   All Products

Minimize the Impact of Boot Storms

If you manage a network of virtual machines, you’ve probably experienced the negative effects of a boot storm too many times. These virtual storms can occur when a large number of users log in to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) system simultaneously. If the VDI system employs traditional storage, like hard disk drives (HDDs), bandwidth gets overwhelmed quickly. Slow boot times and reduced productivity ensue, often resulting in frustrated and less-efficient users. Our ultra-high band...

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Why Latency Matters

Janene Ellefson   |   April 30, 2013   |   All Products

Latency Matters

When you think about system performance, you have to think latency. In an IT environment, latency affects everything—from efficiency and throughput, to customer satisfaction and operating costs. We are confident that our SSDs can help solve IT latency issues. This video emphasizes the importance of latency using more general, everyday situations.  It’s not often we get to laugh at latency problems. For countless businesses—especially cloud and data center environments&md...

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Contemplating the Future of Computing

Richard Murphy   |   April 30, 2013   |   All Products

I spoke Friday at the IEEE Workshop on Microelectronics and Electron Devices (WMED) in Boise about a memory-centric vision for the future of computing. This was my first time at this workshop, and I was very impressed by two things: the high caliber of the talks and the fact that the workshop had strong representation from students at all levels. Coming from the high-performance computing community—which tends to be a somewhat more distinguished, somewhat greyer crowd—seeing a strong...

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e•MMC—An Ideal Solution for Memory-Hungry Automotive Applications

Giorgio Scuro   |   February 12, 2013   |   All Products

Many car buyers today care more about the infotainment technologies embedded in the dashboard than what’s under the hood. Users want to be connected and have convenient access to their personal content anywhere, anytime, on all of their devices. Their vehicles become just another node in the network, an extension of the user’s digital and social lifestyle. A “connected” car is safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient, equipped with early access to important info...

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Tags: Automotive, eMMC, NAND

NVDIMMs—The Best of Both Worlds

Brett Williams   |   February 6, 2013   |   All Products

The NVDIMM is a new “hybrid” memory module that combines the speed of DRAM with the nonvolatility of NAND Flash. NVDIMMs enable the content in DRAM to be saved into the NAND Flash based on a signal from the system. This signal could indicate power failure or any other event when you’d want DRAM content to move into the NAND, such as system checkpoints, data logging, saving metadata, etc. NVDIMMs provide performance, cost, and data-security advantages for enterprise-class serve...

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Tags: Modules, DRAM, NAND

Using SSDs to Accelerate Virtual Environments – A Risk-Free Trial

Scott Shadley   |   January 31, 2013   |   All Products

What’s the most logical method to extend support of virtual server platforms and VMWare usage models with SSD storage? Software solutions that make the most of the existing infrastructure while adding the least number of complications. Micron is always on the lookout for great ways to help customers enable NAND-based SSDs in existing platforms. While there are a lot of different Flash caching programs out there, Micron chose to partner with award-winning Proximal Data because their AutoCac...

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Great Tasting and Less Filling?

Doug Rollins   |   January 29, 2013   |   All Products

Our new P400m Enterprise SSD delivers. Performance? Got it. Endurance? Yup, got it (up to 7PBs worth). Reliability? Sure. But all at a great price point for the mainstream Enterprise space? Yeah…we’ve got that one too. Thanks to a combined effort between our NAND and SSD teams, we built the P400m from the ground up—from silicon to fully tested and qualified product. And we designed it with features that set it apart. Features like RAIN, DataSAFE, and ReCAL are part of our new...

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Introducing the P400m SSD—Customized for the Enterprise

Scott Shadley   |   January 22, 2013   |   All Products

You may have heard that our new P400m enterprise SSD provides workhorse performance and endurance at a competitive price point for data center applications. And, you may be wondering how? The answer is in the custom, onboard MLC NAND Flash. While some enterprise drives offer just one to three drive fills per day, the P400m SSD offers 10 drive fills per day for an entire five-year lifetime. Not satisfied yet? The P400m has a five-year warranty and has already been validated by several OEMs. Watch...

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