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The Power to Change Lives With Memory


Meet Phrazer: a breakthrough medical device from GeaCom, Inc., that lets patients interact with their healthcare providers in their native language. Phrazer gets accurate patient information to the provider in real-time, without the need for a “live” human translator. Its goal is to provide equal care for all.

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Taking the Storage Revolution on the Road This Fall

We’ve teamed up with WPG Americas to offer our first-ever joint roadshow event, The Future is Solid, in three cities this fall. Coming to Chicago (Oct. 7), Boston (Oct. 13) and Jersey City (Oct. 15), this unique, half-day event will bring together thought leaders, industry experts and IT professionals to discuss...

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not author
September 25, 2015
National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Your Password and You

Micron has been manufacturing self-encrypting drives (SEDs) for more than half a decade. The onboard 256-bit encryption ...

Jon Tanguy
September 30, 2015
Mark Durcan

Micron CEO Mark Durcan Named Chair of Technology CEO Council

The Technology CEO Council (TCC) announced this week that Micron CEO Mark Durcan will serve as the group’s new chair. In...

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Choosing Storage Devices for VMware All Flash Virtual SAN (Without Overspending) — Part 1

Storage workload needs are evolving at an unprecedented rate. Workloads that were once satiated by the IOPS of spinning disks (HDDs)  now greedily hunger for the performance  flash-based devices (SSDs) offer.

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Amit Gattani
November 23, 2015

Computing the Way It Should Be

Have you been working on an important project and kicked your computer’s power cord or had the system freeze, and just because you hadn’t saved it to disk yet you lost that work forever? It’s one of the disadvantages of traditional computing architectures – DRAM loses its data when you lose power. It’s annoying as a consumer, but absolutely unacceptable to the enterprise (so much so that they find multiple workarounds to avoid it). But what if you could actually count on that speedy system memory to retain data, even when the power is lost?

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Ryan Baxter
November 18, 2015

The Misrepresentation on the Value of Data

My recent travels have taken me to some customer meetings where I have had the chance to talk to some very forward-thinking CIOs and technologists. In our conversations it has become clear to me that the new models of computing are changing the intrinsic value of our data. What I mean is, the value of data today is at best mislabeled, and at worst misrepresented.

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Cheering On Idaho Technology … From The Stands

College football Saturdays are filled with passion, but this Saturday the Micron Foundation is expanding the celebration to every technology fan across Idaho. November 14 will mark the first-ever Celebrate Idaho Technology game at Boise State University, when the Boise State Broncos play the University of New Mexico Lobos.

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How M510DC SSD + PostgreSQL Combo Brings High Performance and Easy Scale-Up to Business...

Variety is constant, change is constant and demands are constant when designing and deploying a new business intelligence/decision support system (BI/DSS) platform. Build too small and you won’t get the answers you need fast enough for them to matter; build too large and you overshoot the budget; build an inflexible design and you’re stuck without a way to easily expand — possibly for several refresh cycles.

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Rethinking Your Database Storage Infrastructure

In this blog, I give a broad overview of a new category of storage infrastructure that is tightly coupled with database application features: PCIe SSDs on local servers with application-level data mirroring protection across servers. And, I walk through some testing that Micron performed to validate the value of this combo for databases.

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Micron Storage: Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

With camera crew in tow, I was recently afforded the opportunity to interview some of Micron’s storage visionaries. My interviewees are all relatively new to Micron – each having spent a good portion of their career in the “spinning” world of hard disk drive storage.

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Enterprise SSD Encryption Shouldn’t Be Spooky!

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is winding down here in the United States, and we are gearing up for our Halloween celebrations. As the spooks and specters float about here at the end of October, I am wondering if this is why October was chosen to highlight this important issue. Data security can be spooky.

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Jon Tanguy
October 28, 2015

Mode 2 Infrastructure and Flash – a SOLID Approach

Recently, I was invited to speak at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Florida. The presentation I chose to deliver was on the importance of flash in mode 2 data center designs. What’s “mode 2”, you say? In a nutshell, it’s a Gartner classification of approaches to data center infrastructures.

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Rob Peglar
October 26, 2015

Micron Foundation Donates $25 Million to Boise State University

Today the Micron Foundation announced a $25 million gift to help fund a new Center for Materials Research at Boise State University. This will allow the university to meet a growing demand for materials scientists and better answer industry’s call for a more broadly based, technically fluent workforce across many scientific disciplines,...

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To Boldly Go Where Every HDD has Gone Before

In my last few posts, I’ve referenced one of my favorite franchises, Star Trek, and it would be wrong to divert from that path. If we equate the data center to the Borg and look at the troubles with Tribbles as trying to control data center growth, it follows that the “continuing mission” of solid state drives (SSDs) is to ultimately replace traditional data storage solutions.

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Micron and the Drive Trust Alliance

Micron is proud to be a charter member of the Drive Trust Alliance, or DTA, which is announcing its launch this month (October 2015), which also happens to be National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the United States. In this post I’ll discuss the DTA, its purpose, goals, and why Micron decided to join this industry effort.

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Jon Tanguy
October 21, 2015