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PISMO2 Boards

The modern proliferation of mobile devices has generated a large number of widely differing integrated circuit (IC) types. System designers are continually challenged to find the right blend of components to suit these varying ICs and application requirements. Identifying the right technology, bus interface, density, and package requires expensive and time-consuming simulation and validation. To avoid cost and schedule overruns, designers typically limit themselves to no more than two solutions.

Simplify Memory Selection with Micron PISMO2™ Boards

The platform-independent storage module PISMO™ specifications address these issues by providing a standard for convenient, interchangeable memory test boards. PISMO boards significantly reduce design inefficiencies, providing a huge benefit for the short development cycles of consumer products.

Since first forming in 2003, the PISMO Council has released two specifications: PISMO1, which supported only burst static devices; and PISMO2, a wider standard that expanded support to DRAM devices. The specifications have generated widespread consensus and support by more than a dozen device manufacturers, including Micron.

PISMO2 Boards

PISMO cards are pre-validated using advanced Micron Processor Development platforms. To speed up the system validation process, Micron may share all the documentation generated in this process (signal integrity analysis, function and electrical compatibility report, and PISMO card EBD model) with eligible customers.

To order Micron PISMO boards or request more information, contact Micron Product Support.

Part Number Featured Components Data Sheet
PISMO2-00001 Mobile LPDDR x32, 1.8V (90-ball VFBGA)
NAND Flash x8/x16, 1.8V (63-ball FBGA)
Data Sheet Rev. B 11/07
PISMO2-00005 1.8V x16 Mobile LPSDR (54-ball BGA)
1.8V x16/x8 NAND Flash (63-ball BGA )
1.8V x16 Burst CellularRAM® memory (54-ball BGA)
1.8V x16 Mirrorbit™ NOR Flash
Data Sheet Rev. A 4/07
PISMO2-00006 1.8V x32 Mobile LPSDR (90-ball VFBGA)
1.8V x16 NAND Flash (63-ball FBGA; 48-pin TSOP Type-1 packages)
Data Sheet Rev. A 5/07
1.8V x16 Mobile LPDDR (60-ball VFBGA)
1.8V x16/x8 NAND Flash (63-ball VFBGA )
1.8V x16 CellularRAM® memory (54-ball VFBGA)
1.8V x16 Mirrorbit™ NOR Flash (84-ball FBGA)
Data Sheet Rev. B 9/07
PoP multichip package (152-ball FBGA):
  • Mobile LPDDR/LPSDR 1.8V
  • NAND Flash x8/x16, 1.8V
Data Sheet Rev. B 5/07
Mobile LPDDR x32, 1.8V (90-ball VFBGA) with Rterm
NAND Flash x8/x16, 1.8V/3V (48-pin TSOP/TSOP SKT) with level shifter and
on-board 3.3V generation
Data Sheet Rev. A 2/07
Mobile LPDDR x32, 1.8V (90-ball VFBGA)
NAND Flash x8/x16, 1.8V (63-ball FBGA)
Data Sheet Rev. A 10/07

PISMO2 Adapters

Micron has designed and developed configurations not available in the current PISMO card portfolio, including adapters to plug PISMO cards into systems without a native PISMO connector.

Part Number Description Data Sheet
PISMO2-P6960 Tektronix LSA Adapter Tile for P6960 Probes Data Sheet Rev. A 2/07


To learn more about the Micron components included on our PISMO boards, visit our product pages, including CellularRAM Memory, Mobile LPDRAM, Multichip Packages, and NAND Flash.

To order our PISMO boards or request more information, please contact Micron Product Support.