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Short-Reach HMC FAQs

Hybrid Memory Cube
Short-Reach HMC(6)
Why is Micron discontinuing HMC?

Micron reviews product roadmaps on a continuous basis to ensure that our current portfolio addresses current and future market needs. Since the early introduction of HMC, additional/alternate high-performance memories have entered the market, and the volume projects that drove initial HMC success are reaching maturity.

What will replace HMC high-end performance memory?

Micron will continue to develop and design memory for high-performance applications. GDDR has roadmap support and continues to grow in this space. Micron has also established an HBM development program.

How do I order last-time buy quantities?

Please work with the appropriate sales team or distribution contact to ensure last-time buy quantities are communicated to Micron prior to the last-time buy date.

I am ramping production in 2019; how do I secure HMC for the lifetime of my product?

See above.

Does this mean that Micron is no longer focusing on the networking space?

Micron is the leading supplier of memory in the networking space, and we will continue to focus on and evaluate future opportunities.

What about the HMCC?

The Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium (HMCC) is a working group made up of industry leaders who build, design in or enable HMC technology. The goal of the HMCC is to define industry-adoptable HMC interfaces and to facilitate the integration of HMC into a wide variety of applications that enable developers, manufacturers and enablers to leverage this revolutionary technology.

The HMCC is engaged in great exploratory work. Micron will continue to support/provide input to HMCC for technology discussions and learnings from customer engagements.