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Micron.com FAQs

Why Create a Profile?
A Micron profile is required for:
• Seamless, maximized access to micron.com
• Email alerts based on your product and application interests
• Access to secure product information and technical resources
• Advance notice of new features and tools on micron.com
How do I create a micron.com profile?

To register for a micron.com account, click the "Login/Sign Up" link in the header bar on any micron.com page.

1. Under the Login information, click "Sign Up Now"
2. Type your current email address in the Email Address and Confirm email fields.
3. Click Submit. The Create a new Account page displays.
4. Complete the required fields (designated with an asterisk) and click Submit. The email Verification Pending notification page displays. Instructions to verify your email address will be sent to the email address you used to create your micron.com profile.
5. From the body of your confirmation email, click the link provided. The My Micron Account Creation Complete page displays, notifying you that your micron.com registration is complete. The page will redirect you to the My Micron login page.

Note: If you have trouble, turn off any spam-blocking software and try the form again. Spam-blockers can sometimes mistakenly block the confirmation email message.

Password Tips
• Use only lowercase alphanumeric characters
• Use a minimum of six (6) characters, but no more than sixteen (16)
• Don't use special characters, such as *, &, %, ¢, >, @
• Don't use spaces, punctuation, or non-English characters

How do I find my secure site and documents?
Any documents or secure web sites that you have access to are still available on your "My Micron" site.
How do I request a secure document?
Micron offers a number of secure documents. The security status of these documents is denoted by a padlock icon. So, if you navigate to a part that has a secure document, simply click on the document link to begin the process of requesting permission to download that file. Note that if you don’t already have a Micron profile, you will be prompted to create one. From there please follow the account creation and validation steps to gain permission to the document.