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Elpida Acquisition FAQs

Elpida Acquisition(3)
General Information(5)
I currently do business with Elpida; has their employee contact information changed?

You can continue to reach your contact at the same phone number and office location. Your contact should provide you with their new Micron email address to use moving forward.

Will Elpida's company name change?

Effective Feb. 28, 2014, Elpida changed its name to Micron Memory Japan and Elpida Akita changed its name to Micron Akita, Inc.

Have Elpida sales offices or locations changed?

As we continue to integrate Elpida into Micron some of the sales office locations will change. Please contact your local sales representative for further details.

Where can I find out more information on the Micron/Elpida Transition?

Your sales representative is available to answer any questions you may have and will work closely with you to ensure that all issues are defined and resolved to the greatest degree possible. You can refer to the Micron/Elpida transition document for additional information.

I am interested in applying for a job with Micron (or the former Elpida); who do I contact?

Go to www.micron.com/jobs to apply for a job. Jobs at former Elpida sites can be found at newhire.micron.com.

For Customers(7)
I buy from both Micron and Elpida. Whom should I contact now?

Continue working with the same sales and customer service representatives as before. If changes are made to these contacts you will be notified immediately.

Where can I find Elpida product information?

Elpida product-related information has been integrated into www.micron.com. Use these helpful hints for identifying Elpida parts and navigating our expanded part catalogs:

  • All Elpida part numbers begin with the letter “E.”
  • Elpida parts appear at the beginning of the part catalog because part lists are sorted alphabetically based on the part number.
  • Part catalogs are sortable; use the filter at the top of the part catalog to narrow down part listings based on technology, density, or other features.
  • Refer to the Elpida part numbering guide for more information about deciphering Elpida part numbers.
Will there be new part numbers for the former Elpida product line?

The ordering part number will change to include the Package Media designator (Tape & Reel or Tray). A Product Change Notification was issued in December 2013. Please contact your sales representative if you have any additional questions.

Where do I get data sheets and product support information for Elpida products?

For Elpida part information, including access to Elpida-specific part catalogs and data sheets, visit micron.com/elpidaparts.

Will the marking and labeling of Elpida products change?

At this time, there are no plans to change the logo or part mark on Elpida branded products. If there are any changes, Micron will work to minimize any impact to our customers and will use appropriate channels to communicate those changes to our customers.

If I am in the process of qualifying a Micron/Elpida part, what should I do?

Continue any qualifications that are in progress, unless you hear otherwise from your account support team. If you have questions about support or what to qualify, please rely on your existing Micron or Elpida technical contacts for information.

I am currently buying Elpida products from a distributor; where do I go now for products?

Micron has made changes to the Micron Distribution network. For a complete list of authorized Micron distributors, reference the Micron Authorized Distributor list. Micron Authorized distributors will sell both Micron and Elpida products. If you have any questions or issues ordering products, please send an email to distribution@micron.com; and we will ensure that someone assists you. If over time, Micron decides to make further changes to its distribution network, we will work proactively with distribution and customers on their supply chain needs.

For Suppliers(3)
What will become of Elpida/Rexchip’s purchase orders, invoice & payment systems/processes?
  • Business systems migrate to Micron’s SAP Procurement environment.
  • The purchase order layout and numbering will change beginning in March 2014.
  • Replacement Micron purchase orders will be created for open Elpida/Rexchip purchase orders between Feb. 28, 2014 to March 7, 2014, and will reference the former Elpida/Rexchp purchase order number.
  • The bill-to address on Micron purchase orders may be different than previous Elpida/Rexchip addresses. A letter was distributed to Elpida/Rexchip suppliers the first week of February 2014 with the new legal entity and billing address.
What will become of Elpida’s agreements and contracts with its suppliers?

  • Third party agreements that are in effect for each of the Elpida legal entities will be assigned to Micron and/or ultimately terminated. Impacted suppliers will be contacted.
  • A core team of Micron and former Elpida team members are working to address these agreements. No change is anticipated however you may be contacted by Micron in the event an agreement is impacted.

I do business with both Micron and Elpida and/or Rexchip, what terms and conditions will we be using?

Micron’s terms and condition will be applicable to all purchases. Generally these are contained in a Purchase Order. For Micron Memory Japan, they are typically contained in a Master Purchase Agreement. However, if you have an existing signed agreement with Elpida, in general, the terms and conditions contained therein will continue to apply until such agreement is modified or its term ends.