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Client Storage Management

 Storage Data Security

 It’s all in the hardware—with self-encrypting, highly secure solid state drives.

Protect your data from breaches and other intrusive, costly security threats with rock-solid Micron SSDs — like our self-encrypting drives (SEDs) that guard your data at rest, helping to prevent unauthorized access.

Design Attributes

Data Protection

Data Protection

Get top-of-the-line, solid, secure features with our client SSDs and the parameters that have been put in place at their core to prohibit user’s data from being compromised.

Secure Erase

Completely erase all data on your SSD and restore it to factory settings for drive retirement or redeployment—leaving no stray data behind—thanks to our sanitize functionality.



The need for IO speed is particularly acute in the financial services industry. With more than $275B being traded every day worldwide, any slight performance advantage can reap major profits, whereas even the smallest performance degradation can result in huge financial losses.


In the Fiercely Competitive Financial Services Industry, Modern Data Storage Isn’t Optional

Data Sanitization, the old-fashioned way

A couple years ago, we achieved a third-party validation for the sanitize process on our M600 Client SATA SSD. Now, we have repeated this validation with our latest Client SATA SSD, the 1100, our most advanced 3D NAND-based client SSD. We...

Data Privacy Day

The National Cyber Security Alliance has declared January 28th, 2017 to be “Data Privacy Day.” You can follow the event with the hashtag, #PrivacyAware. Micron has joined in this effort as a Champion Organization. Our commitment to data security...


Data Security
It’s no secret that if you’re seeking speed, flash is the right storage...


Shortly after Micron’s SSD organization was created, we began engineering data security features like self-encryption into our products. Micron’s commitment to security continues with the recently released 1100 SSD furthering our well-established path of making encryption widely available for stored data in laptop and desktop computing.


Micron has been manufacturing self-encrypting drives (SEDs) for more than half a decade. The onboard 256-bit encryption engine featured in all of our SEDs is state-of-the-art and provides the best available protection for your stored data in case your laptop is lost or stolen. However, even the very best encryption technology available is only as secure as your password.


M600 SSD

1100 3D NAND Client SATA SSD

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Modernize your IT infrastructure with our enterprise-hardened, dependable S600DC series SSDs, ensuring uninterrupted delivery of your data.

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M600 SSD


Meet the demands of your enterprise IT and cloud service applications with Micron 5100 SSD's high performance and capacity, coupled with enterprise-class reliability.

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Technical Notes
This document describes how to perform firmware updates on Micron's client SSDs installed in personal computing environments.
Storage Executive Software
This guide describes how to install and use Storage Executive to monitor and manage solid state drives (SSDs).
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  • Updated: 04/25/2017