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Mobile Memory Solutions

Mobile Memory Solutions

Remote Control for the Connected Life

Mobile devices are the remote control for the connected life. Give your customers the rich, immersive mobile experience they’re looking for by leveraging our low-power, high-performance memory products and system solutions, deep technical expertise, and dedication to collaboration and partnership for your next design.

Design Attributes

Ecosystem Compatibility


Make it easy to create, store, share, protect, and deliver information in a dynamic, ultra-connected world.

Single Sided

Exhilarating Experiences

Deliver media-rich user experiences with ultra HD video capture and playback and striking gaming visuals.

Battery Life

Long Battery Life

Maximize battery endurance to meet the demands of complex mobile payloads.



Reward users with responsiveness and nearly instantaneous application load times.


Mobile VR Needs More Pixels

The rise of virtual reality and higher-resolution displays are just two innovations driving – and stretching – the mobile industry. In an effort to create truly immersive mobile VR, there needs to be a perfect balance of high resolution and high...

Advantages of ECC DRAM in smartphones

Today’s consumers are demanding more and more features from their smartphone, including faster connectivity, higher resolution cameras, and faster application performance. However, according to numerous consumer surveys, the number one requested...


For many of us, our smartphone is our lifeline, providing us with constant access to communication, entertainment, news and shopping. It is, by far, the most preferred digital device that we use every day. It is a hub that connects to everything from watches to speakers, to home security systems, and even to our car. Our smartphone is also highly personalized, storing...

Product Information

Get the performance, reliability, high capacity and power efficiency essential to designing next-generation mobile user experiences with Micron’s innovative 3D NAND products for mobile — including products using the ultra-fast Universal Flash Storage (UFS) interface.


MCP’s or Multi Chip Packages as they are commonly referred to in the memory industry, are single packages with multiple memory devices inside. While the traditional definition of an MCP could include packages with multiple die of the same technology (like DRAM, NOR or NAND), typically used to attain higher densities, the definition has expanded to include packages that...


Micron’s Mike Rayfield, VP and GM of the company’s Mobile Business Unit, shared the Mobile World Live “How Richer Content is Reshaping Mobile Design” webinar stage with Ben Bajarin, Principal Analyst, Global Consumer Tech, Creative Strategies and moderator Steve Costello, Senior Editor, Mobile World Live. Following are selected edited excerpts from the webinar transcript,...



With 3X the capacity of existing planar NAND solutions, our 3D NAND solutions bring the kind of high performance and reliability required for numerous applications.

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Whether you’re trying to minimize power consumption, maximize density, increase speed, or do everything at once, Micron’s NAND MCPs can drive your design no matter the application.

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LPDRAM solutions are built to consume less power without sacrificing performance with low voltage and power-saving features, like temperature-compensated self refresh (TCSR) and partial-array self refresh (PASR).

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