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Altera is the pioneer of programmable logic solutions. They offer FPGAs, SoC FPGAs, CPLDs, and ASICs, in combination with software tools, intellectual property, and embedded processors, to provide high-value programmable solutions. Altera’s end markets include wire line access/networking and transmission, computer and storage, wireless, broadcast, industrial, consumer, medical, military, and automotive.

Micron supports Altera with DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4LPDDR2, RLDRAM® 2, RLDRAM® 3, and Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC), as well as parallel and SPI NOR, and NAND Flash. We are working together to provide and validate complete memory solutions for a wide variety of applications.

ISDF 2016Come visit Micron at the The Intel SoC FPGA Developer Forum (ISDF)

The Intel SoC FPGA Developer Forum (ISDF) is an event dedicated to the technology and application of SoC FPGAs in the Internet of Things (IoT), data center and cloud computing, networking and communications, industrial, automotive, and more. Get an edge while developing your next system design through in-depth technical content and workshops.

Join us to learn and discover the latest Micron enabled solutions for your design needs at ISDF on the following dates:

Powered by Micron–Arrow's New DECA Evaluation Board Featuring Altera’s MAX 10 FPGA
Arrow Electronics has collaborated with Altera, Texas Instruments (TI), Silicon Labs, Micron, Molex and Cypress in the development of the DECA board. Featuring TI’s new HDC1000 humidity sensor and temperature sensor, DECA is a full-featured hardware evaluation board that enables engineers to reduce board area, cost, and complexity while interfacing to a multitude of sensors and interfaces.

Watch the industry's first interoperability demonstration between Altera Stratix V FPGAs and Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube.

Read the press release to learn more about the DECA Board.

HMC/FPGA Demonstration Board
Together with Altera, we’ve created a board that demonstrates interoperability between our HMC and Altera’s Stratix® V FPGAs. System designers can now directly evaluate the benefits of HMC coupled with FPGAs for next-generation communications and computing designs.

Read the press release to learn more about the interoperability between Altera's FPGAs and our Hybrid Memory Cube.

ECC for SOC FPGA-Based Systems
Advanced semiconductor process technologies have enabled increased component integration, functionality, and performance in embedded systems. While these capabilities offer huge rewards, one of the side effects is that more attention must be paid to the probability of soft errors. Altera and Micron implemented a method to make embedded systems more resilient to these types of soft errors through error detection and correction.

ADI/Altera BeMicro Solutions

By Arrow Intelligent Systems

Arrow has partnered with Analog Devices (ADI) and Altera to create a high-precision, high-speed compatible evaluation board to facilitate your design process. ADI has worked closely with Altera and their strategic partners (TE Connectivity, Micron, and NIC Components) to provide you with proven technology and the optimal solution.

Altera FPGA Development Kits Featuring Micron Memory

By Arrow Development Tools

Micron has collaborated with Altera and Arrow Development Tools to provide development kits to help system designers evaluate the true potential of Altera FPGAs—with Micron memory onboard (including DDR3, Serial NOR, and LPDDR).

RLDRAM 3 Memory Interface Solution

Micron, together with controller IP partner Northwest Logic and FPGA supplier Altera, is proud to announce the release of a high-performance memory solution based on our fully qualified RLDRAM 3, which is shipping in volume and is capable of reaching clock rates as high as 1066 MHz.

Learn more about Altera and Northwest Logic's RLDRAM 3 memory interface solution.


Download Micron Flash and DRAM support for Altera Platforms.

Altera With Micron Memory – Download the Flip Book

Read the press release to learn more about the interoperability between Altera's FPGAs and our Hybrid Memory Cube (Sept. 4, 2013).

Download the Altera white paper with contributions from Micron to get more details about ECC in SOC FPGA-based memory systems (April 2012).

For further information, please contact your local sales rep or FAE.