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Micron Accelerated Ceph Storage Solutions


Get the kind of performance, density, easy management and low cost essential for massive-scale active archives, content repositories, OpenStack™ cloud storage and content distribution with the Micron Accelerated Ceph™ Storage Solution.

How It’s Built

Our Accelerated Ceph Storage Solution uses Supermicro servers with a Ceph software-defined solution (SDS) running Linux software and powered by our economical Micron flash SSDs and DRAM memory. This solution lets you hit 1 million IOPS and reach 140 Gb/s throughput while lowering acquisition costs.

 Ceph Storage Solution

The Micron Accelerated Ceph Storage Solution’s configuration has been tested and documented by Micron (including the performance measurements above) — giving it our SOLID Ready seal of approval.


Why Ceph Storage?

Ceph is an open-source project that provides unified SDS solutions for block, file and object storage that is designed to run on commodity server hardware. Ceph provides high-performance and distributed storage systems that are massively scalable with no single point of failure.

Key Benefits

  • Deploy with ease: With pre-tuned “turn-key” platforms available (ready for open-source software), as well as flexible sales and delivery from Supermicro, free your IT teams to focus on high-value tasks like fast deployment. 
  • Scale with ease: To expand capacity or performance, simply add hosts to the CEPH Storage cluster or add SSDs to a host. No need for overprovisioning!
  • Boost performance: Get better performance with solutions optimized by expert engineers at the platform level.
  • Lower costs: Lower acquisition costs while driving better results with SOLID Ready solutions that use economical enterprise-grade SSDs and advanced DRAM. 

1Per Micron NDA engineering test report AA1065; Dated March 2016
1Per Netflix Internet Connection Speed Recommendations

Best-Fit Applications

  • Web hosting
  • Media streaming
  • Massive-scale active archives
  • Content repositories
  • OpenStack cloud storage
  • Content distribution


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