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Renesas Electronics Corporation is the world’s top supplier of microcontrollers and one of the largest manufacturers of application processors and semiconductor systems for mobile phones and automotive applications. Renesas is also a leader in system LSI devices, as well as analog and power devices for automotive, consumer, industrial, PC, and consumer electronics equipment.

Micron memory supports Renesas reference designs and platforms, including PCM and SPI NOR Flash in the Renesas RX and RL platforms. Micron memory has also been designed in system-on-chip (SoC) platforms for Automotive infotainment, set-top boxes, Data Center, and industrial platforms.

Micron/Renesas Partnership

Micron is engaged with Renesas in Japan, the Americas, and the UK with design centers and marketing organizations. Micron is also involved in discussions around alignment for long-term support and product longevity. Micron partners with Renesas in their Global Alliance Program, with Micron memory products included on several Renesas reference platforms.

Micron/Renesas Solutions

Micron collaborates with Renesas to provide a full-spectrum memory solution for many of the reference platforms of Renesas MCUs, MPUs, and SoCs that require external memory to meet customers’ system and performance needs. Using memory that is already qualified on the reference platforms gives customers a head start on their designs by minimizing the effort spent investigating memory compatibility with Renesas controllers.

Micron/Renesas-Related Information