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Networking Innovations

Graphics Memory Solutions

High Speed for High-End Performance

Demand is seemingly insatiable for high-res graphics in gaming. Being able to deliver increased resolution, rapid results, fast rendering and less buffering depends on having the memory speed and performance to make it happen. Micron’s graphics memory is driving performance with the ultra-high data rates needed to deliver an amazing gaming and virtual reality experience.

Design Attributes



Get superior data rates and lightning quick responsiveness.

Broad Portfolio

Broad Portfolio

Choose the right solution for you from the broadest portfolio of high-speed discrete memory solutions.

Application Expertise


Get the best design features that our exceptional Munich Design Center has to offer.

Power Efficiency


Limit your power consumption while getting best-in-class speeds and bandwidth.

Applications Using Graphics Memory


Micron GDDR memory is essential in driving both high-end PC gaming and console gaming. GDDR memory is pushing advances in resolution (4K+/UHD) and furthering the development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Cryptocurrency Mining

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many other cryptocurrencies are mined with powerful GPUs — the most powerful and efficient of which are powered by graphics memory; and the fastest discrete graphics memory on the market is Micron’s GDDR5X memory.
  Professional Visualization
Graphics memory powers workstation platforms that enable product designers, engineers, architects, graphic designers, financial analytics, 3D printing and many other career fields. Micron is driving power and performance in graphics memory technology.

High-Performance Computing
Supercomputers, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are more than buzz words. These up-and-coming, futuristic applications are gaining momentum because of graphics memory.


White Paper

This paper discusses the development of GDDR6 as a lower-risk and more cost-effective solution as compared to other high-bandwidth memory solutions. Download this white paper to find out how GDDR6 is primed to dominate the high-bandwidth memory game.

Programs and Partners

Collaborating with strategic partners is what we do. Our relationships with preferred partners and key enablers are a top priority. Through those relationships, we're building an ecosystem that promotes connections and co development efforts that lead to better solutions for our customers.




Address the enormous demands of graphics processing with Micron’s GDDR5, GDDR5X and GDDR6 graphics memory products, offering high densities and high bandwidth. Their discrete design simplifies integration, making them an ideal solution for next-generation, high-performance graphics systems like graphics cards and game consoles, as well as networking, automotive and high-performance computing applications.

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