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Federal Solutions

Federal Solutions

Get maximum performance and protection for your critical application

The stakes are high when it comes to mission-critical federal government applications. Memory and storage solutions must deliver the highest levels of storage capacity, data security, network bandwidth and transaction processing. Micron’s broad portfolio of DRAM, NAND and SSDs are built to meet those requirements, scaling to meet massive, data-driven workloads with reliable, secure, consistently high performance.

The Micron Advantage



Get peak performance and reliability for your most business-critical workloads.


Data Security

Meet stringent cybersecurity requirements and safeguard sensitive data.

Broad Portfolio

Broad Portfolio

Work with an industry leader with a comprehensive choice of memory and storage technologies, capacities and form factors.

Security Options

With nearly 40 years experience in the semiconductor industry, Micron has a proven history of delivering mission-critical memory and storage solutions. Our SSDs safeguard sensitive data with hardware encryption, software, and standards-based security features, and they have been validated as well.

Hardware, Software and Standards-Based Tools

  • AES 256-Bit Hardware Encryption Engine: Keeps data private between sender and intended recipients.
  • Solid Secure Firmware: Provides a solid defense to protect the storage platform against low-level attacks.Standards-Based Security: Micron is a contributing member of the Trusted Computing Group. Our SSDs follow one of these two specifications:
  1. TCG Opal 2.0 compliance for secure client computing, available with IEEE-1667 compliance for compatibility with Windows server and desktop
  2. TCG Enterprise compliance for SSDs in the data center and enterprise data storage
  • Standards-Based Sanitize: Includes commands executable from Micron’s Storage Executive software (GUI or command line, Windows and Linux).


FIPS 140-2 Level 2 ValidationFIPS 140-2 Level 2 Validation: Provides assurance that Micron’s SSDs meet requirements for cryptographic security and interoperability validation.


Trade Agreement Act (TAA)Trade Agreement Act (TAA): Provides assurance that Micron’s TAA-approved SSDs are manufactured in a TAA-designated country, easing supply chain management for government accounts.

Let's Engage.


With Micron SSDs, you can be assured of getting data storage solutions that meet the highest standards in security, performance and reliability, along with these other advantages: 

  • Encryption Without Performance Penalty: Encrypted SSDs run at the same speed as their non-encrypted counterparts; the encryption workload is managed at the drive level without pulling down the CPU performance.

  • Improved TCO: Encrypted SSDs have the same TCO advantages as Micron’s other SSDs, with the added advantage of hardware encryption.
  • Simplified Key Management: Our SSDs generate and securely store the encryption key, removing that function from the host computer or data center.

  • Safe Device Retirement/Redeployment: The instant scramble erase (ISE) feature securely sanitizes all user data in seconds, eliminating the need for slow, costly legacy sanitization methods and enabling redeployment instead of wasteful device destruction.

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Partnering with Micron means partnering with the only U.S.-headquartered memory company. You can leverage nearly 40 years expertise in manufacturing DRAM, NOR Flash and NAND Flash to ensure you get the precise storage solution that meets your product security and performance requirements.

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Micron's 1100 3D NAND SATA SSD provides class-leading performance and power efficiency for client computing.


The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) in Washington D.C. is the global voice of the tech sector. Last month they hosted ITI’s 4th annual Tech Show. This was an opportunity for students, policy makers, influencers and tech enthusiast to get hands-on experience with the newest tech, apps and gadgets from the biggest names in tech. The STEM Showcase portion brought...

White Paper

This white paper provides an overview of encryption techniques and advantages of hardware-based encryption in Micron's self-encrypted SSDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about FIPS 140-2 validation.


Shortly after Micron’s SSD organization was created, we began engineering data security features like self-encryption into our products. Micron’s commitment to security continues with the recently released 1100 SSD furthering our well-established path of making encryption widely available for stored data in laptop and desktop computing.


M600 SSD

1100 3D NAND Client SATA SSD

Micron's 1100 3D NAND SATA SSD provides class-leading performance and power efficiency for client computing, and is offered with TAA or FIPS 140-2 Certification.

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M600 SSD


Optimize your business-critical virtualized workloads the easy way — with the industry-leading performance, reliability, capacity and infrastructure value of the TAA compliant Micron 5200 series of SATA SSDs.

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