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Virtualized Environments


Design Attributes

low TCO


Reduce your hardware investment while achieving extremely high performance

Minimize Boot Storms

Minimize Boot Storms

Do away with storage I/O bottlenecks that can occur during peak I/O traffic.



Increase virtual machine density while improving application efficiency and performance.

low latency

Low Latency

Maximize application responsiveness, ensuring higher staff productivity.


Technical Brief

Learn how Micron 9200 Series of NVMe SSDs and 5100 SATA SSDs give you control of performance and capacity


VMware went all in with all-flash Virtual SAN with the launch of Virtual SAN 6.2 on February 10th 2016. The ability to dedupe and perform data compression are only available on the all flash configuration, and really help drive down the cost of storage. To fully take advantage of all these capabilities, though, you should look into optimizing your flash cache.


Micron Accelerated Solutions represent industry-leading solutions that build on open source software and tightly integrate compute, networking and optimized solid state storage into a highly scalable platform.

This practical ‘whiteboard’ session will lead you though VMWare’s Vsphere web client and show you...
Watch this step-by-step demonstration to implement VMWare’s Vsphere Storage Policy Based...
Take an in-depth technical look at VMware Virtual SAN 6.1 using all-flash storage with John...

Happy 2016 to all! I wish you all the best for the year. After enjoying some time off during the holidays with my family, during the ‘short week’ in-between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I spent some time in the trusty home lab. In my last post, I described my findings running Jetstress using the Micron P420m PCI-E SSD as a VMFS datastore. This time, I did a similar set of...


In 2013, when VMware first released Virtual SAN (VSAN), Micron saw a significant opportunity to leverage solid state drives (SSDs) to maximize VSAN’s performance and functionality while extending additional benefits that are unattainable with standard HDDs. With the first release, we demoed an unsupported, all-SSD configuration at VMworld 2014 and saw a 10x performance...

White Paper

Save Money, Increase Performance and Reduce Latency Through Use of SSDs in Virtualization Deployments

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7100 PCIe SSD

9200 SSD with NVMe™

Build a foundation of agility and efficiency for your data center with Micron 9200 SSDs with NVMe — the largest-capacity high-performance Micron enterprise NVMe SSDs to-date.

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M600 SSD


Meet the demands of your enterprise IT and cloud service applications with Micron 5100 SSD's high performance and capacity, coupled with enterprise-class reliability.

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Modernize your IT infrastructure with our enterprise-hardened, dependable S600DC series SSDs, ensuring uninterrupted delivery of your data.

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vSphere Plug-In

Micron's plug-in for VMware ESXCLI provides a method for remotely managing and monitoring Micron SSDs. With the plug-in you can perform management tasks such as a firmware update or drive erase. You can also monitor drive properties such as model number, serial number, capacity, and SMART data.

ESXCLI is a command line tool for VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0 or higher that enables ESXi to provide a dynamic set of commands to users. The tool provides modular architecture for various components called namespaces running in the VMkernel. All commands contain metadata that describes the input, output, and other properties for that command. Using the metadata, the tool builds a set of commands that a user can execute. It presents the commands to the user on a local or remote prompt.

Plug-In for VMWare ESXCLI User Guide

Download the Plug-in for VMware – ESXCLI

Plug-In for managing Micron SSDs on VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0 systems. Includes BETA support for VMware vSphere ESXi 6.5. ESXCLI version 3.48.082017.01
  • File Type: ZIP
  • Updated: 08/29/2017

MVP Program

Join us—the industry leader in memory solutions—and gain a competitive advantage as a Micron Valued Partner (MVP). The Enterprise Elite MVP Program is designed for specialized resellers who focus on enhancing customers' mission-critical applications such as database management, virtualization, big data, and content delivery solutions.

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