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Hyperscale/Private Cloud


Design Attributes



Achieve the endurance your application needs with SSDs designed to keep pace with continually changing market dynamics.



Achieve maximum IOPS per U of rack space.



Maximize power and performance efficiency (IOPS/watt).

low TCO


Leverage changing architectures to get the right SSD and maximize TCO savings.


Technical Brief

The 9100 MAX SSD Shows 34.9X Better Orders per Minute (64 Concurrent Users) and Lower, More Consistent Database Response Times vs. Legacy HDD Arrays.


You are in the IT design team, planning a new Cassandra cluster deployment. From your users, you probably hear “…design for performance, defy convention…” but the realities of your planned staffing growth are saying “…build it simple, make growth easier…” You can give Cassandra an energy drink with the Micron 9100 MAX NVMe SSD and make the design (and support) so much simpler.


Micron Accelerated Solutions represent industry-leading solutions that build on open source software and tightly integrate compute, networking and optimized solid state storage into a highly scalable platform.

Witness the business transformation that flash provides to today’s high impact, data intensive...
From unique workloads to massive downloads…analytics crowd meets enterprise cloud…online finds to...
Product Information

Together, Micron and Seagate are focused on accelerating innovations in the enterprise flash market, where advancements in technology and functionality are in high demand. The collaborative pooling of our engineering resources and expertise led to a true workhorse of a storage solution: the S600DC Series SAS SSD.

Product Information

Meet the read-heavy demands of data center appliances, content delivery networks, virtual environments, or database management with our cost-effective M510DC SSD.

Storage Executive Software

Micron’s Storage Executive software offers an easy interface to analyze and manage our SATA drives and is compatible with both Linux and Windows systems for your desktop or laptop.


If you manage a network of virtual machines, you’ve probably experienced the negative effects of a boot storm too many times. These virtual storms can occur when...

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Join us—the industry leader in memory solutions—and gain a competitive advantage as a Micron Valued Partner (MVP). The Enterprise Elite MVP Program is designed for specialized resellers who focus on enhancing customers' mission-critical applications such as database management, virtualization, big data, and content delivery solutions.

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