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Big Data & Analytics

Engineered to Tackle BIG Things

Gathering and mining massive amounts of data is big business, but the volume, variety, velocity, and complexity can quickly overwhelm a host system—unless that system is using SSDs to analyze and transform big data. Our SSDs are architected to excel in big data environments. With high-performance IOPS and ultra-low latency, our SSDs far surpass HDDs; they eradicate performance bottlenecks, meet critical speed requirements, and offer a scalable, cost-effective solution.

Design Attributes

real time analysis

Real-Time Analysis

Transform big data into valuable information that enables real-time business decisions.



Meet critical application demands for frequent, intensive read access.



Ensure that revenue-generating business applications are available 24/7.



Remove storage I/O bottlenecks and unleash the full potential of your application.


Technical Brief

The 9100 MAX SSD Shows 34.9X Better Orders per Minute (64 Concurrent Users) and Lower, More Consistent Database Response Times vs. Legacy HDD Arrays.


You are in the IT design team, planning a new Cassandra cluster deployment. From your users, you probably hear “…design for performance, defy convention…” but the realities of your planned staffing growth are saying “…build it simple, make growth easier…” You can give Cassandra an energy drink with the Micron 9100 MAX NVMe SSD and make the design (and support) so much simpler.

Technical Brief

This technical marketing brief shows how virtualizing Hadoop® (versus using a more conventional bare metal Hadoop deployment) improved the completion time for an aggregated set of standard benchmark tests by 26%. To help ensure that performance was not limited by storage, we equipped both the virtualized and bare metal deployments that we tested with Micron® M510DC SSDs.


Big data has evolved rapidly. Very recently we thought of ‘big data’ very differently. I’d venture a guess that many reading this remember when big data was synonymous with thoughts like: ‘really slow’ or ‘eventually you might get something out of it’ or even ‘…just don’t be in a hurry...’ We used to build our big data platforms with those thoughts in mind – we’d use huge,...

Technical Brief

Data has become the lifeblood of business and its exponential growth offers opportunities as well as risks for a significant number of enterprises. In today’s technology-rich business and consumer environments, vast amounts of data are generated through personal (social networks, mobile devices, Web commerce), societal (geolocation, images, media) and industrial (digital...


Micron Accelerated Solutions represent industry-leading solutions that build on open source software and tightly integrate compute, networking and optimized solid state storage into a highly scalable platform.


As all of us know, Big Data is driven by the V’s—Volume, Variability and Velocity. With the advent of persistent memory, leading users are borrowing a page from high-performance computing (HPC) systems to handle Velocity: Burst Buffers are back! One of the major challenges within both Big Data and HPC systems is persisting data quickly. These systems have to spend quite a...

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