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IQ Matters

The New IQ

Micron’s Industrial Quotient

Making intelligent choices for your IIoT designs that deliver lower product life-cycle cost, and lower TCO to the end customers.

The Industrial IoT/Industry 4.0 is transforming the world of manufacturing, extending automation and connectivity beyond traditional factory walls. It is estimated 20 billion+ new smart connected devices will be deployed over the next decade. The best devices will be those that enable businesses to run more efficiently, require the least amount of maintenance and enable the least possible downtime.

Micron has been a trusted advisor to our Embedded customers for over 25 years. We truly understand the unique needs of this market and we bring to the market a mindset to deliver sustainable value to our customers—because we firmly believe that IQ Matters.

Micron’s Industrial Quotient

IQ = Lower TCO in IIoT

Application Specific Optimization Ruggedized Products Reliability  Longevity
Application Specific
Quality Testing
Product Longevity

  • Application-Specific Optimization: Extensive collaboration with global customers to develop in-depth understanding of application use cases and deliver products and features to meet those specific application needs.

  • Ruggedized Products: Product enhancements that enable consistent performance across extreme environments: extended temperature, thermal cycling, shock, humidity, etc.

  • High Reliability: Design and testing processes that add a high level of endurance and reliability to align with needs of long-lifecycle embedded applications.
  • Extensive Quality Testing: Rigorous testing to deliver the consistent performance across products and processes necessary in embedded and mission critical applications.

  • Product Longevity: Extended lifecycle support for eligible products via our Product Longevity Program, which goes a step beyond standard lifecycle support to suit long-life applications.



During the past 15 years, the Internet revolution has redefined business-to-consumer (B2C) industries such as media, retail and financial services. In the next 10 years, the Internet of Things revolution will dramatically alter manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation and other industrial sectors of the economy which, together, account for nearly two-thirds of the...

Technical Brief

Learn how Micron's microSD card designed for the IP video surveillance industry helps developers and system integrators bring enhanced system performance, recording redundancy, optimized newtork load reduction and lower TCO in edge storage applications.

Case Study

Learn how Micron's M500IT SSD became the product of choice for one of DRS Technologies' largest Army customers.

Case Study

Learn how Micron storage and memory helped fuel GeaCom, Inc.'s groundbreaking medical care engagement system.

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