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Embedded Memory Solutions

Embedded Memory Solutions

You can do anything when memory is in everything

Refrigerators know you’re low on eggs. Cars drive themselves. Production line cameras catch manufacturing defects. Micron embedded memory makes products, businesses, industries, IoT and our connected world work — brilliantly.

The Micron Advantage

Broad Portfolio

Broad Portfolio

in a range of performance options, technologies, densities and form factors that help you find the ideal memory solutions for your designs.


High Reliability

for rugged, extreme temperature and mission-critical environments that your designs require.


Product Longevity

that meets or exceeds expected life cycles of your embedded applications and extends support for eligible legacy products.

Ecosystem Enablement

Strong Partner Ecosystem

that gives you access to leading, proven, compatible solutions and memory expertise that gets you to market faster.



The terms "digital transformation" and "smart manufacturing" have swept their way through company boardrooms as an upcoming fundamental shift in manufacturing will transform the way the industry operates.


The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to disrupt the global economy on a scale larger than any previous industrial revolution. But two major factors are holding the IoT back from the kind of massive growth where companies both big and small can reap the rewards.

Mobile VR Needs More Pixels

Over the last few years, we have seen technology that modifies or influences the physical reality as we know it to enhance our experiences. They accomplish this in different ways and are known by a variety of different names. VR (Virtual Reality)...


Only a couple of years ago we were discussing how one day the Internet of Things (IoT) would enable higher levels of intelligence and functionality in a wide array of things, from devices in the home to the factory. This growth is happening faster than many expected, but so are the cyber-attacks that are leveraging these connected devices everywhere.

Product Categories

auto solutions


Discover how memory drives the automotive industry forward — faster.


Explore the memory that makes the IIoT possible and industry successful.

Consumer/Connected Home


Find out how memory makes the things we use smarter and life better.

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