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Let's Collaborate.

Let's Build.

The power of you and our global lab team in perfect sync

We have ten Global Customer Labs strategically located close to your design and manufacturing teams to foster collaboration from the inception of your designs, through the product execution phase. Here, we work collaboratively to help you capitalize on the capabilities of our memory and storage solutions at the system level.

Our hands-on customer labs are team-oriented environments. They’re equipped with leading-edge tools and equipment, run by experienced engineering talent, and focused on enabling your innovations. Across our network of Global Customer Labs, we’re developing new products, improving existing systems, and providing ongoing support and system failure analysis—doing our utmost to spark innovation through collaboration.

Customer Labs Locations


Where a world of possibilities awaits your engineering design needs

Let's Engage.

Let's Engage.

Why engage with a customer lab

With memory and storage solutions playing such a massive role in differentiating and improving product performance—and with system-level designs becoming more complex—there are numerous advantages to engaging with our customer labs.

  • Memory Expertise: Deep engineering experience and a broad product portfolio ensure you’ll have the right solution to optimize your products.

  • Testing/Improved Product Quality: Early product valuation testing can reveal design issues, often not related to memory, long before a product goes to market, helping to improve the long-term quality.
  • Design Support/New Product Enablement: Working together early in the design cycle facilitates in-depth design support and saves valuable time in product development.

  • Improved Product Performance: Partnering with a memory expert who understands today’s more complex system-level designs and how to integrate memory from every angle helps you maximize your product performance.

Let's Learn.


Micron Technology opens a memory chip lab in Silicon Valley

Micron opens a customer engineering lab in Silicon Valley—the epicenter of electronics and the home of many of Micron’s major customers—and provides a rare glimpse inside what goes on behind the scenes in the labs that make the digital world spin.

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