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IoT Implementation in Automotive

Collaborating with the World's Best

Micron leaders, together with industry experts from
Cisco, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Qualcomm,
discuss the future of connected cars.

The Future of Autonomous Driving

Autonomous vehicles require safe, secure and highly-responsive solutions, relying on split second decisions powered by enormous amounts of data. To quickly analyze the data necessary for future autonomous vehicles, higher bandwidth memory and storage solutions are required.

Hear from industry giants at MWC Americas as they discuss the technologies and solutions that will become critical enablers for the next wave of intelligent vehicles in the automotive sector:

Mike Rayfield Keynote Presentation

Panel Discussion

Panel Q&A Session
Read the press Release

Meet the Panelists

Find out what these key industry partners had to say about the future of memory in the automotive sector.

Jeff Bader

Jeff Bader
VP of Embedded Business Unit, Micron Technology

“The automotive segment has a unique set of requirements that depend on innovation from Micron. High-bandwidth memories such as Micron’s GDDR will help accelerate the overall system performance of connected vehicles by providing the 300GB/s of memory interfaces and beyond that will initially be needed to achieve full autonomy. Micron’s GDDR memory will provide the industry with the first automotive-grade solution that can meet the future performance needs of self-driving vehicles.”

Steve Pawlowski
VP of Advanced Computing Solutions, Micron Technology

“The growth of memory requirements is not linear but exponential. Without sufficient memory we run the danger of being forced to get rid of good data that we may ultimately need.“

Krish Inbarajan
Global Head of Connected Car, Cisco Jasper

“We see a future for connected vehicles where the combination of edge analytics and cloud-managed services enable a new level of on-demand features, for safety, entertainment and performance. The vehicle we envision can proactively self-diagnose issues before they have an impact, a capability powered by robust and intuitive cloud connectivity, and underpinned by highly-secure machine-learning capabilities in-vehicle.”

Doug Seven
Head of Connected Vehicle Platform, Microsoft Azure

“Security lies at the heart of the connected vehicle design. Vehicles will increasingly take autonomous decisions that affect the safety of its passengers and other road users, and manufacturers need to be confident in the integrity of these systems. The combination of Microsoft Azure cloud services coupled with silicon-based security will bring new levels of trust and reliability to future connected vehicles.”

Tim Wong
Director of Technical Program Management for Autonomous Vehicles, NVIDIA

“Artificial Intelligence in connected vehicles requires a fresh approach to allow vehicles to make sense of, and act on, huge volumes of data flowing into the vehicle in real-time. We are working with automakers to meet this major industry shift, by enabling them to design tomorrow’s cars using tomorrow’s processor and memory technologies. Our aim is to avoid building vehicles that are quickly obsolete, but rather can be continually upgraded.”

Sanjay Vishin
Director of Automotive Platforms, Qualcomm

“5G connectivity to smart vehicles will be a game changer both for enabling vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communications. It will also provide a bridge between cloud and edge for machine learning and AI that will allow the industry to learn more rapidly as autonomous vehicles start to feed more valuable insights back to the cloud.”

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Helping Accelerate the Pace of Innovation

Fastest LPDDR4 shipping to auto manufacturers

Micron is already deploying automotive-grade low-power DDR (LPDDR) memories to multiple automotive customers. We are currently shipping the industry’s fastest speed grade LPDDR4x, running at 4266 megabits per second (Mb/s), to key chipset partners. This technology can enable overall system bandwidths of up to 100GB/s and provides a foundation for the next-generation of autonomous vehicle design.

Learn more about LPDRAM

High-bandwidth memories for automotive

Micron is committed to providing the highest bandwidth solutions designed to meet stringent auto qualifications. We are actively engaged with leading automotive partners and customers to enable GDDR technologies that will meet the needs of level 4 – full autonomy – and beyond.

Learn more about GDDR

Introducing secure boot

Micron is extending the value of our hardware-based Authenta™ IoT security solution by showcasing the capability for secure boot in memory. Authenta provides a unique level of protection for the lowest layers of IoT device software, starting with the boot process. We will make Authenta™ software and hardware development kits available to IoT customers, including those in the automotive sector, by the end of the year. This will enable customers to bring so-called hardware-based roots of trusts affordably to many IoT edge devices and vehicle subsystems that would otherwise be hard to protect.

Learn more about Authenta