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2017 Micron Summit


Be Revolutionary. Be Solid

2017 Micron Summit


Be Revolutionary. Be SOLID. At Scale.

We live in a data-driven world, where vast amounts of raw data need to be analyzed and acted on faster than ever before. Data speeds business. Micron storage speeds data.

On May 3, 2017, experts who are revolutionizing storage infrastructure and shaping data centers of the future convened in New York City at the Micron Storage Summit. Watch the webcast to discover how to revolutionize your business with solid storage solutions. You’ll be privy to:

  • New IDC analyst research into the unprecedented data growth rates enterprises are facing today, with Micron-recommended storage technologies and practices you can leverage in response.
  • New Micron platform architecture introductions that can help you unleash your cloud from the shackles of storage silos — including Micron’s SolidScale architecture that leverages NVMe over Fabrics technology to unlock the benefits of shared storage with the performance of server-side flash. 
  • A customer panel showcasing real-world use cases and the ROI that results from deploying flash storage solutions.

Ready to turn your raw data into real insight?


SolidScale Platform Architecture

Micron SolidScalePrepare to unleash the full power of your NVMe™ storage with the Micron SolidScale™ platform architecture. It will not only help with quickly accessing, analyzing and taking action on data, but it will give IT organizations the agility to deploy next-generation, cloud-native applications while supporting legacy applications that run the enterprises of today and tomorrow.

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