Remote Access

Micron’s Remote Access program provides connectivity to Micron resources while using a remote PC, laptop, or mobile device. Micron requires a certificate based authentication for its remote users into Micron’s network. All remote users require the Duo Two-Factor authentication (2FA) method to gain access to the Micron network. Once authenticated, there are several ways to connect: Citrix Application Gateway (desktop and client), Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (VPN), Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Micron’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution through the Micron App Store.

Note: Some remote access prerequisites require approval, which can take time. We recommend you plan accordingly to fulfill these requirements before you need to access Micron resources remotely.


Prerequisites to Using Remote Access

These prerequisites MUST be completed:

  • While you are physically located at a Micron site and connected to a Micron network.
  • Before you attempt to connect to Micron resources remotely.

Click the link below to ensure you have met the requirements.


What type of device are you using?

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