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Outlook Web Access (OWA)

You can use Outlook Web Access if you only need to connect to your Micron mailbox and calendar. For more information about OWA, please visit the E-mail and Calendar site (alias: email). Be sure that you have met the requirements listed in the Prerequisites section of the Getting Started tab before performing the steps below to get connected to your Micron Outlook account.

Using OWA to Connect to Your Micron Outlook Account Remotely

  1. From a browser window, in the Address field, type https://mail.micron.com/owa/ and then press <Enter> on your keyboard. The OWA authentication page displays.
    Note: Be sure to include the ‘s’ in the https: portion of the URL. If only http: is used, the OWA authentication page will not display.
  2. In the Security section, select the type of computer you are using (Private or Public/Shared).
  3. In the Remote Access Credentials section, complete the following fields:
    1. User name: Type your Micron username.
    2. Passcode:
      SoftID Users: Enter ONLY the number that displays on the SoftID (do not enter your PIN).
      SecurID Hardware Fob Users: Enter your PIN plus the number that displays on the fob (do not put a space between the PIN and the number from your physical device).
  4. In the Internal Network Credentials section, type your Micron password in the Password field.
  5. Click Log On. The Outlook Web App opens.

Please send comments, suggestions, and questions to the IT Service Desk.