Citrix is the preferred method for remotely accessing Micron programs and files you need while using your non-Micron managed device. If you have admin rights to a desktop computer at Micron, the only resource you need to request for Citrix is Remote Desktop, which enables you to remotely use your desktop computer.

If you have not requested remote desktop in Citrix, you will not have access to it. This step must be completed while you are physically located at a Micron site.

To request Remote Desktop in Citrix, click here and complete the form.

  1. Enter into your browser's address bar.
    Note: Internet Explorer 11 is Micron's supported browser. However, Citrix will also function on some versions of Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Enter your Micron username and password, choose and complete a 2FA authentication method, and then click Log On.
    Note: You will be directed to the interface closest to your physical location. By default, the My Applications tab will display.
    Example: A Micron Boise team member accessing Citrix in Japan would be directed to the Gotenyama interface, not the Boise interface.
  3. Choose which version of the Citrix Receiver to use by clicking the drop-down next to your username in the upper-right corner, selecting Change Citrix Receiver…, and then selecting the desired version.
    Note: Computer, laptop, or tablet users can use a client (full) version or browser-based (light) version of the Citrix Receiver. Use the client (full) version if you need features the browser-based version does not support, like local drive mapping.
  4. Click a Remote Desktop option (Full Screen or Multimonitor are the most common, although you can use any available option). The Remote Desktop Connection dialog box displays.
  5. Enter the name of the computer you want to access (Example: joeusername1) in the Computer field. Click Connect, and then click Connect again. The Window Security dialog box displays.
  6. Enter your credentials, click OK, and then click OK again. The desktop of the computer you connected to displays. Use it as you normally do.
    Note: Printing and audio capabilities are limited to the computer you connected to, not the computer you connected from.