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Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

Personal Mobile Device

Download and install the Cisco AnyConnect app from your device's app store.


  1. Open the Secure Mobility Client app.
  2. If you receive a note that reads "Secure Mobility Client extends the Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities of your device. Do you want to enable this software?," tap OK.
  3. In the Choose a connection… section, tap Add VPN Connection
  4. In the Description field, enter Micron.
  5. Select the location closest to your current physical location.
  6. Depending on your mobile device, do ONE of the following:
    • Tap OK.
    • Swipe the VPN toggle from Off to On.
      Note: Your device will display a “Connecting” status, and then the Select Group screen displays.
  7. Select MicronUnmanaged (Do NOT select the MicronDevice option).
  8. Choose and complete a Duo authentication method.