Prerequisites to Using Remote Access

(Micron-Managed Devices)

  1. Request approval for Remote Access.
    • Use the Remote Access Request in Remedy to request approval from your supervisor/manager.
    • What to Expect: Be aware it can take some time for your request to be fulfilled. You will receive Duo setup instructions if your request is approved.
      Note: While you do NOT need Duo to use your Micron-Managed laptop/tablet remotely, we highly recommended you enroll in Duo before you attempt to access Micron resources remotely.
  2. Enable Duo.
    • Visit the remote access site (alias: remoteaccess, while physically located at Micron), and then follow the instructions to enroll your smartphone, mobile device, and/or a landline in Duo.
      Note: You will not be able to visit this site until after your Remote Access Request has been approved.