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Getting Started

Remote Access Overview

How Remote Access Works

Micron’s Remote Access program provides connectivity to Micron resources while using a remote PC, laptop, or mobile device. Micron requires a two-factor authentication (2FA) method to authenticate remote users into Micron’s network. Once authenticated, there are several ways to connect: Citrix Application Gateway (desktop and client), Virtual Private Network (VPN) client,  Outlook Web Access (OWA), and Micron’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution.

Prerequisites to Using Remote Access

IMPORTANT: Prerequisites MUST be completed while you are physically located at a Micron site.

  • You must already have Remote Access approval and two-factor authentication (2FA) established.
    • How to Get Remote Access and a 2FA token: Use the Remote Access Request in Remedy to request both. What to Expect: Be aware that it can take some time for your request to be fulfilled. When your 2FA token is issued, you will receive instructions for using the software token application. Be aware that part of the setup requires an authentication process which must take place at a Micron workstation.
    • Additional Information:  If you already have a 2FA hardware fob, you can use it, but you are encouraged to request a SoftID, because they are easier for Micron to manage.
  • You must be able to access the network from the computer or device that you are using.
    • How to Get Access to the network:
      • Use a hard-wired connection – A wired connection means that your computer or device is physically plugged into a jack, typically via an Ethernet cable, that accesses the network. This must be a Micron managed device. Do NOT plug in a personal device!
      • Use a wireless connection – A wireless network allows wireless devices, such as laptops, to connect to a network within a building or campus. You should verify that you are part of the Micron Mobility network IF you plan to access Citrix from a mobile device. While physically located at a Micron site, visit the Wireless Mobility Network (Alias: mobilitynet) page for more information.
  • If using a non-Micron-managed computer, laptop, or mobile device, you must have the Remote Desktop App available in your Citrix profile. You will then Remote Desktop to a Micron-managed computer for full access to Micron resources.
    • Verify Remote Desktop Is Available to You via Citrix: While you are physically located at a Micron site, open a browser window and visit https://apps.micron.com. Log in. Verify the My Applications tab has Remote Desktop displayed as an option. If the Remote Desktop application does not display, click the Request an Application icon.
    • What to Expect: Be aware that the time it will take to fulfill your request will vary.
    • Additional Information: You will need to know the name of your computer at work in order to use the Remote Desktop App via Citrix (Examples: joeusername1, joeuser-lap).
  • If using a Micron-managed laptop, you should already have the VPN client installed on your laptop:
  • How to learn more: Visit the Remote Access site.  The VPN client is installed automatically on all Micron-managed laptops and is available for use. Make sure you are using the appropriate version of Internet Explorer (currently IE11):
    • IE10 users have reported some issues when trying to connect to Micron remotely, even through Citrix. A workaround, if you have not already upgraded to IE11, is to try Google’s Chrome browser.
  • Familiarize yourself with how to protect your computer.
    • How to protect your computer from viruses, worms, and spyware: Use the links on the Protecting Your Computer tab to learn more.

Please send comments, suggestions, and questions to the IT Service Desk.