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What This New Architecture Can Do

Did you know that customers using NVMe™ SSDs today are only using an estimated 30% to 40% of NVMe’s IOPS and capacity? That’s a lot of untapped value. You can unlock the full potential of NVMe’s performance and value and share it across applications with the new Micron SolidScale™ platform architecture.

The SolidScale architecture innovates ahead of NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) technology to deliver the benefits of shared storage along with the performance of a localized deployment, bringing forward the anticipated benefits of NVMe-oF while intercepting the standard when it matures. The result? Quick data delivery thanks to its extremely high throughput and faster time to results because of its unprecedented low latency. Plus, you get the agility you need to deploy applications faster and scale without limits.

How It Works

The Micron SolidScale platform connects multiple server nodes (with Micron NVMe SSDs inside) using high-speed RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) fabric with low-latency software that provides a crafted set of data services. The result is a converged infrastructure that performs like local direct attached storage. Learn more in our SolidScale Platform Architecture solution brief.


What This Could Mean for You and Your Data Center Environment

The Micron SolidScale platform will let you build a scale-out storage infrastructure that provides all the benefits of a centralized single pool of storage — with the performance of local in-server SSDs.

Ultimate Flexibility: Create and manage a single, centralized pool of storage with SolidScale’s logical volume feature. It lets you allocate storage to meet both application and budget requirements.

Optimized Performance: The speed of Micron NVMe SSDs coupled with high-bandwidth Mellanox fabric delivers performance that scales by adding an average of five microseconds of additional latency to an application’s data path when compared to a local in-server NVMe. Micron SolidScale architecture is expected to reduce end-to-end latency under 200 microseconds. Preliminary tests of the Micron SolidScale platform measured over 10.9M IOPS with only three 2U SolidScale nodes.

Easy Manageability: Setup and configuration is made simple with Micron’s SolidScale platform. Execute your key data services with ease — including RAID, deduplication, replication and snapshots — thanks to SolidScale’s web-based graphical management interface.

Seamless Scalability: Unlock the true potential of NVMe in your storage deployments. SolidScale leverages high-speed RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) fabric to decouple storage from servers, growing to support hundreds of nodes and applications in a manageable way.

Breakthrough Efficiency: Do the same work with fewer servers, or do more work with your existing servers with a platform that pools the available storage together. This allows you to scale at high efficiency without sacrificing performance or driving up costs. For example, our early testing with Apache Cassandra™ shows you can scale outside of the server while maintaining strong NVMe performance. Learn more in our SolidScale Platform Architecture for Cassandra solutions brief.

How to Get Early Access

The Micron SolidScale architecture is currently available to key Micron customers and partners to test with their own application workloads. If you’re interested in participating in the SolidScale early access program, contact us today.


We're revolutionizing flash storage to unleash data to help you be SOLID.

In case you hadn’t heard, Micron announced our work on a new Micron SolidScale™ architecture during the Micron Summit event in New York City. With the introduction of SolidScale architecture, Micron is making a bold statement that we believe the data center of the future is going to be built around NVMe solid state devices and the interconnects that provide the performance...


Learn about Micron's SolidScale architecture and its early test results running Apache Cassandra


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White Paper

Find out how the advent of low-latency SSDs and the means to share them via standard infrastructure, such as NVMe over Fabric (NVMeF), has created a new standard for data center environments.

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