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9200 SSD with NVMe™

Build a foundation of agility and efficiency for your data center with Micron 9200 SSDs with NVMe — the largest-capacity high-performance Micron enterprise NVMe SSDs to-date.


For Workloads that Must Work Loads

Meet the demands of your biggest enterprise workloads head-on with the Micron 9200 series of NVMe™ SSDs, and enable true enterprise storage innovation. With blazing fast performance and low latency, combined with terabytes of storage, the Micron 9200 SSD enables faster analysis and decision making based on ever-growing data sets. The Micron 9200’s innovative architecture combines the performance advantages of NVMe technology with the cost efficiency and reliability of high-density 3D NAND storage.

9200 SSD with NVMe™

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Key Benefits

Accelerate your applications and breathe new life and agility into aging infrastructures
with these key benefits of the Micron 9200 series of SSDs:

Accelerate Your Applications

Accelerate the transformation of data into business value and provide a higher level of service to your customers with transfer speeds up to 3.35GB/s and read IOPS up to 800K (steady state).

Large and in Charge

With capacities up to 11TB, the Micron 9200 SSD satisfies the most storage-hungry use cases in about one quarter of the rack space of 2D NAND.

Unlock the Value of Your Data Transfer

Using the fastest of all SSD interfaces, the Micron 9200 family of high-performance NVMe drives accelerates applications on demanding workloads.

Optimize Your Existing Infrastructure

Deliver bottom-line value and efficiency to business and IT operations with Micron’s high-performance flash solutions in industry-standard capacities up to 11TB.

Get Peace of Mind With Solid Data Protection

Ensure data integrity with the Micron 9200 SSD’s full enterprise end-to-end data path protection, power-loss protection, and secure signed firmware.

Reduce Your Cost/IOPS

Get lower-cost IOPS along with low latency compared to a typical HDD thanks to the Micron 9200 SSD’s NVMe technology.

Flex Capacity™: One Size Fits All

The Flex Capacity™ feature allows you to tune and re-tune the drive’s capacity to deliver application and workload-optimized performance.

What’s Next for Hyperconverged and Integrated Systems

Gartner’s Report on What’s Next for Hyperconverged
and Integrated Systems

Learn how NVMe is changing the status quo and glimpse the future of centralized flash storage.

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9200 SSD with NVMe™

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Technical Brief

This technical brief shows how adding SSDs can be a cost-effective way to scale existing Hadoop analytics deployments like Hortonworks HDP


Learn how our 9200 Series SSD with NVMe™ Interface delivers industry leading performance.

  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 06/14/2018
Technical Brief

Learn how NVMe SSDs deliver amazing results with MySQL and OLTP

Technical Brief

Learn about the performance advantages we measured when we compared two 4-node Cassandra clusters: one built with legacy HDDs and the other with Micron 9200 SSDs with NVMe.

  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 02/27/2018