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A Modern, More Agile Storage Solution

Data centers are being inundated with large quantities of data that are overwhelming traditional enterprise solutions. Disrupt this data deluge with the industry-leading capacity (up to 8TB) and steady state random writes (up to 74,000 IOPS1) of Micron 5100 SSDs. With the flexibility of our FlexPro™ architecture and market-leading security and endurance, the 5100 SSD family is tailored to meet the needs of read-intensive video streaming, latency-sensitive transactional databases and write-intensive logging applications. We offer 5100 SSDs in capacities up to 8TB in 2.5-inch form factors and 2TB in M.2 form factors.


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High Capacity

Consolidate storage platforms and smooth migration from legacy storage. The 5100’s unique ability to offer up to 8TB of storage in a 2.5-inch form factor and 2TB in an M.2 provides a better range of solutions.

Consistent High Performance

Meet the demands of your data center. The 5100 comes in three models optimized for varying workloads with consistent, steady state random writes at 74, 000 IOPS.

Comprehensive Security

Alleviate enterprise security concerns with built-in AES-256-bit encryption and TCG Enterprise protection with FIPS 140-2 validation (available on the 5100 MAX).

Ultimate Flexibility

Actively tune capacity to optimize drive performance and endurance with Micron’s FlexPro™ firmware architecture.

Outstanding Reliability

Reduce downtime and latency with 99.999%2 quality of service (QoS) that is unmatched compared to spinning media.

1For SATA products in a 7mm form factor.

2 The Micron 5100 MAX 960GB SSD was measured against a competing SAS 12 Gb/s 15K 600GB HDD. Performed on Intel* Core i7-4790K @ 4.0GHz, Asus* Maximum VII GENE motherboard, CentOS*6.5 64-bit, FIO* 2.2.6. Workload: 4KB Block Size, 100% Read, 100% Random, Queue Depth 32, 99.999% QoS. *Other names and brands may be claimed as property of others.


FlexPro™ firmware architecture unifies design elements across all Micron’s data center SSDs and unleashes the true capabilities of the storage media, enabling IT managers to easily tune specific drive features (capacity, security, endurance, power, data layout, data cleanup and performance). FlexPro features available in the 5100 SATA Series:

Flex Capacity™ Feature

  • Enables customers to tune 5100 capacity to deliver application and workload-optimized performance. Administrators save time and money with the flexibility to repurpose drives and servers for different kinds of workload traffic and application needs.

Flex Security™ Feature

  • Robust security features to protect valuable data from unauthorized access.  Helps address enterprise security concerns with market-leading data protection and encryption (AES-256 bit encryption, TCG-enterprise protection in a FIPS-validated SATA SSD) with zero performance impact.
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Learn how our 5100 Series SSD with FlexPro architecture delivers high capacity and high endurance to your data center.

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  • Updated: 06/22/2017

When I think about what matters in OLTP, the first thing that leaps to my head (and maybe some of yours too) is performance – raw performance. There’s nothing like super-speedy Orders Per Minute (OPM) to get some attention. The faster they go, the more we get, the better.

Technical Brief

(CMMD-676576390-10747) Learn about the security features of Micron's 5100 self-encrypting SSD .

  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 06/07/2017
Technical Brief

This technical brief explores why 5100 MAX SSDs are a mainstay of high performance, low latency IT systems. 5100 MAX SSDs are tailored to meet the needs of high performance and latency sensitive workloads.

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