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1100 3D NAND Client SATA SSD

Micron's 1100 3D NAND SATA SSD provides class-leading performance and power efficiency for client computing, and is offered with TAA or FIPS 140-2 Certification.


3D NAND Client SSDsClass-Leading Performance and Power Efficiency for Client Computing

Get the must-have performance, power efficiency, security and capacity that will make your mainstream computing applications excel.  Our 1100 SSD, built with revolutionary TLC 3D NAND, delivers the speed and capacity needed to handle massive files, images and multimedia workloads. With up to 2TB of flash memory and up to 5X the endurance of competing SSDs (calculated based on total bytes written (TBW) – for 1024GB and 2048GB 1100, our TBW is 400TB), the 1100 SSD is a cost-competitive, forward-looking solution for a market that is moving to a more SOLID state.

1100 3D NAND Flash SSD

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1100 3D NAND Client SATA SSD

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Count on increased performance and endurance — up to 5X the industry-standard TBW.


Get max capacity with up to 2TB of storage in a 2.5-inch form factor and 1TB in an M.2.

Battery Life

Check the power efficiency numbers — <2mw* in="" low-power="" mode="">translates to longer use between battery charges.

Data Security

Keep data secure with industry-leading hardware-based encryption and enhanced data protection features.


Proactively monitor drive health and perform firmware updates and easily erase, repurpose and retire an SSD using Micron’s Storage Executive software.

* Note: 512GB capacity and below.


Micron's 1100 3D NAND SATA SSD provides class-leading performance and power efficiency for client computing.
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  • Updated: 05/27/2016

Earlier this summer, Micron announced the availability of our Micron 1100 SATA SSD in a FIPS 140-2 Validated version, available in a series of HP business-class notebook computers. Of course, the need for such advanced security is more obvious in notebook computing, where the...


At Micron, we’ve been building secure SSDs, with hardware-based encryption, and leveraging well-recognized industry standards for the past several years. Just in the past several months, we’ve taken the next step and added government certifications in the form of the FIPS...


A couple years ago, we achieved a third-party validation for the sanitize process on our M600 Client SATA SSD. Now, we have repeated this validation with our latest Client SATA SSD, the 1100, our most advanced 3D NAND-based client SSD. We contracted with the experts at...


Learn about the security features in encrypted and non-encrypted Micron SSDs

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  • Updated: 10/14/2016
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