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Are you looking for a holistic storage solution that helps lower latency, boost performance and keep up with your data needs? Micron’s SATA SSDs are an ideal way to update your infrastructure to benefit from the advantages of all-flash storage. Just say no to waiting on spinning disks and say yes to the powerful performance and improved reliability of solid-state drives.

With the ground breaking flexibility of FlexPro™ architecture, our SATA SSDs provide the ability to tune the drive to achieve the specific capacity, endurance, and performance to meet your needs. Protect valuable data from access by unauthorized parties with optional native hardware encryption.

Why Micron SSDs

The capacity to do more

Micron understands the importance of providing large capacity SSDs to manage today’s demanding workloads, and delivers SSDs with industry leading capabilities. Our FlexPro™ firmware architecture lets you tune capacity on our family of Micron 5100 SATA SSDs to deliver optimized application and workload performance. To learn more about FlexPro™, click here.

Speed and flexibility for bottom-line value

Micron’s SSD portfolio delivers blazing fast throughput and low latency, accelerating data delivery. Its broad enterprise-sized portfolio of SSDs provide solutions that match the needs of a wide range of application and workloads.

Purpose-appropriate data protection and security

Micron’s SSD portfolio offers a comprehensive package of security features including TCG-enterprise, Secure Download & Diagnostics (SD&D).


Lower total cost, better performance

Upgrading from HDDs to SSDs results in lower total cost of ownership (TCO), plus added resource savings through lower average power consumption.

Transform your Business


The 5100 SATA Enterprise SSD Video

Take 30 seconds to find out how the 5100 can revolutionize your data center in more ways than one.

Product Brief

Micron 5100 Series SATA SSD Product Brief

Get the facts about the Micron 5100 Enterprise class SSDs along with the performance numbers that align with your needs.

Micron 1100 3D NAND SATA SSD Product Brief

Get the facts about the Micron 1100 family of SATA SSDs along with the performance numbers that align with your needs.

Technical Marketing Brief

Micron Flex Capacity Technical Paper

Find out the details behind Microns Flex Capacity technology and how you can tune your SSDs to deliver exactly what you need.


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Technical Brief

Learn how the Micron® ECO SSD can provide more value from your data with large-scale business intelligence (BI) systems.

  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 01/17/2018

This guide describes the various flash technologies offered by Micron to help system designers select the optimal flash solution for their needs.

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  • Updated: 12/12/2017