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Micron and Seagate Collaborate on SAS SSDs

S600DC Series SAS SSDs

Micron and Seagate Form Strategic Alliance

Building a Solution for Business-Critical Applications

In February 2015 Micron and Seagate entered into a multi-year agreement to work together on enterprise NAND flash‐based storage technologies. This framework for strategic collaboration aims to speed product enhancements, advance market capabilities, and enable customers to innovate more effectively.

Together, Micron and Seagate are focused on accelerating innovations in the enterprise flash market, where advancements in technology and functionality are in high demand. The collaborative pooling of our engineering resources and expertise led to a true workhorse of a storage solution: the S600DC Series SAS SSD.

Introducing Our S600DC Series SAS SSDs

Meet the demands of your business-critical applications with our S600DC Series SAS SSDs. Designed with the dual-port functionality and robust protocol of SAS, the S600DC provides flexible storage options for read-intensive, mixed workload, or write-intensive applications.

These highly reliable, high-performance solutions are designed with our proven enterprise MLC flash technology and developed in partnership with Seagate, with whom we combined technology, knowledge, and experience to deliver all of the technology elements of the solid state storage equation.


Learn more about our S600DC Series
SAS SSDs in the ESG white paper

Download the white paper

Industry-Leading Storage Density
Provides up to 4TB-class capacity in a 2.5-inch form factor.

Full Power-Loss Protection 
Ensures availability and integrity of data in the event of power loss.

Dual-Port SAS 
Delivers the full performance of 12 Gb/s SAS protocol and supports data availability-focused architectures with true active-active, dual-port capability.

End-to-End Data Protection 
Ensures the accuracy of data throughout the process of writing, maintaining, and reading the data.

TCG Enterprise Encryption  
Protects valuable user data from unauthorized access.

FIPS140-2 Certification*  
Meets the stringent security needs of many government agencies (*S650DC SAS SSD).

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