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Micron is constantly innovating to meet the demands created by the growth of high-performance databases, real-time big data analytics, and artificial intelligence adoption in automotive and industrial applications.

The Micron 9200 series of NVMe SSDs is designed for data center efficiency and maximizing total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Micron 2100AI/AT SSD series is the industry’s first automotive- and industrial-grade 3D TLC PCIe SSD.

Available in 2.5-inch U.2 add-in card, M.2 2230 and BGA form factors, our NVMe SSDs support a wide range of system architectures, with multiple capacities and endurance classes to provide flexibility for your storage configuration needs.

Why Micron SSDs

The capacity to do more

Micron understands the importance of providing large capacity SSDs to manage today’s demanding workloads, and delivers SSDs with industry leading capabilities.

Lower total cost, better performance

Upgrading from HDDs to SSDs results in lower total cost of ownership (TCO), plus added resource savings through lower average power consumption. This upgrade also frees valuable space in the datacenter, allowing multiple HDDs to be replaced with fewer SSDs.

Move2SSD TCO Tool

Speed and flexibility for bottom-line value

Micron’s Enterprise SSD portfolio delivers blazing fast throughput and low latency, accelerating data delivery. Its broad enterprise-sized portfolio of SSDs provide solutions that match the needs of a wide range of application and workloads.

Transform your Business


Video Case Study: iHeartMedia

Take a few minutes to see how an IT Professional upgraded to NVMe with Micron’s 9100 NVMe SSDs.

Product Brief

Micron 9200 PCIe NVMe Product Brief

Get the facts about the Micron 9200 family of NVMe SSDs along with the performance numbers that align with your needs.

Technical Marketing Brief

The Business Case for NVMe PCIe SSDs

Discover the performance, reliability, serviceability, and overall cost reduction that NVMe PCIe SSDs offer.


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Three people, three data storage challenges. When it came down to the total cost of legacy hard disk drives (HDDs) vs. solid state drives (SSDs), SSDs came out the winner.
Technical Brief

This technical brief shows how adding SSDs can be a cost-effective way to scale existing Hadoop analytics deployments like Hortonworks HDP


Learn about Micron's reference architecture for building a simple, single-tiered all-flash Microsoft HCI with Storage Spaces Direct using Micron enterprise NVMe and SATA SSDs and advanced Micron DRAM.