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SOLID Is a Foundation

To not only survive — but thrive — in the demanding digital data revolution, your IT infrastructure must get to a solid state, faster.  Micron’s Flash-based solid state drives (SSDs) provide a solid foundation of the highest-performing, utmost-reliable, supremely secure storage solutions to help your business stop “spinning” and start accelerating!

Go SOLID, and transform your data center with:

  • Solid Performance: Get a 100X performance boost, nearly instant data access and quicker boots with our lightning-quick reads/writes and dynamic write acceleration.
  • Solid Security: Get rock-solid security with our self-encrypting fleet of client and enterprise SSDs.
  • Solid Durability: Get robust performance for the long haul thanks to our workhorse drives, which have some of the highest endurance ratings available.
  • Solid Management: Manage your storage easier and faster with our SSD software; perform firmware updates, check status, debug data, check your drive health and more!
  • Solid Partnership: Choose the perfect solution to meet your needs with the help of Micron’s storage experts.

With SOLID, you can be more agile, power-efficient and cost-effective — fundamentally changing the way you do business and helping you leapfrog the competition.

Let's Engage.

SOLID Solutions

Instant-On Is SOLID


Productivity Is SOLID

Near-instant access to data, coupled with
ultimate portability, durability and reliability,
as well as stellar battery life

>> Client Storage Solutions
   Goodbye to bottlenecks and boot storms —
hello to a 100X performance boost

>> Enterprise Storage Solutions


Witness the business transformation that flash provides to today’s high impact, data intensive...
From unique workloads to massive downloads…analytics crowd meets enterprise cloud…online finds to...


Technical Brief

Learn about the benefits and potential tradeoffs of different RAID configuration options when using Micron's M500DC in Microsoft SQL Server 2014 OLTP deployments.

  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 06/30/2015
Technical Brief

Learn the benefits of using Micron M500DC SSDs over HDDs for Cassandra clusters based on a head-to-head comparison using the YCSB to measure common Cassandra workload performance.

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