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Write Performance to Meet 24/7 Data Center Demands

Meet the persistent demands of data center appliances and enterprise storage applications with our M500DC SATA SSD. The M500DC strikes the perfect balance by offering outstanding random write performance, enhanced endurance, and robust features—all offered at a competitive price for big data and content delivery applications. Pick from industry-standard form factors and capacities up to 800GB.

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Deliver More Value

Deliver more value to your enterprise applications with these M500DC key benefits:

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Consume significantly less power than with HDDs and lower Flash storage costs.

Enhanced Performance

Reduce bottlenecks and maximize throughput with enterprise-level performance—including excellent sustained random performance—which is achieved with the help of Micron’s XPERT feature set.

High Reliability

Protect mission-critical data with enterprise-class data path, power-loss, and error code correction (ECC) protection.

High Quality

Rest assured that the M500DC has been designed, manufactured, and rigorously tested by a trusted NAND supplier.

Optimized Endurance

Achieve 1 to 3 drive fills per day over 5 years, reducing the need to replace drives more frequently.

High Capacities

Satisfy ever-increasing storage needs with capacities up to 800GB.

Superior Support

Get world-class support and technical resources from a vertically integrated NAND Flash expert.

The Perfect Balance

With the M500DC, you don’t have to sacrifice endurance for better performance. When designing the M500DC, our NAND experts used their in-depth knowledge of the NAND device, firmware, and controller to achieve the perfect balance, making the M500DC a great fit for the heavy workloads of data center applications:

Mission-Critical Enterprise Applications
Write more data for longer.

VOD Applications
Eliminate pixilation and dropped frames.

Big Data Analytics Applications
Read and write data faster.

M500DC Ideal Applications: Big data analytics; Video-on-demand (VOD) streaming; Virtualization; Database; Read caching

XPERT Features

The M500DC uses our XPERT features—including adaptive read management (ARM/OR), data path protection, redundant array of independent NAND (RAIN), reduced command access latency (ReCAL), and NAND customizations—to improve performance and reliability, provide the flexibility to integrate the SSD to the end application, and ensure long-term, trouble-free operation.

Download the XPERT technical brief
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Software Documentation
Access all firmware update packages for Micron's M500DC SSD products.
  • Updated: 10/12/2015
Technical Brief
Learn about the benefits and potential tradeoffs of different RAID configuration options when using Micron's M500DC in Microsoft SQL Server 2014 OLTP deployments.
  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 06/30/2015
Software Documentation

This guide describes how to use Storage Executive's command line interface (CLI) to monitor, manage, and configure Micron solid state drives (SSDs).

  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 02/24/2017

Command Line Interface (CLI) for managing Micron SSDs on Windows 32-bit systems. msecli is compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems. Version 3.41.012017.04

  • File Type: ZIP
  • Updated: 02/24/2017


I try not to brag too much when Micron really hits the mark with our products—but in this case, I just can’t help being overly excited about sharing the recent recognition that our M500DC SATA solid state drive (SSD) has been receiving in the industry.
How the Micron M500DC/M510DC TCG-E SSDs Can Reduce Breaches
  • File Type: JPG
  • Updated: 10/27/2015
Technical Brief

Learn about the basics of over-provisioning and how to adjust the over-provisioning of Micron's client SSDs using our Storage Executive software for Microsoft Windows operating systems for optimal performance


How the Micron M500DC/M510DC TCG-E SSDs Can Reduce Breaches

  • File Type: JPG
  • Updated: 10/27/2015

An overview of how the M500DC enterprise SATA SSD delivers enhanced performance, optimized endurance, and data protection to data center applications.

  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 09/13/2015
Technical Brief

Learn the six things that make Micron's M500DC enhanced data center SSD a preferred platform boot device.

  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 08/26/2015