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High Speed, Better Control, and Improved Endurance—It’s Not Your Ordinary MLC

Get the performance of high-speed MLC while boosting endurance with our 20nm and 16nm FortisFlash devices, which come in standard BGA packages of 1 to 16 die stacks. With FortisFlash NAND, you can count on higher endurance than standard MLC without the usage limitations of Enterprise MLC (eMLC).

Pair FortisFlash with advanced ECC methods, and you can exceed the standard 3,000 WRITE/ERASE cycles and see endurance levels over 10,000 PROGRAM/ERASE cycles in well engineered systems. You can also improve data transfer rates with FortisFlash devices, which support ONFI’s high-speed synchronous interface.

Contact Micron for more information about adopting FortisFlash in your design.


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