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Mobile 3D NAND and UFS Products

Get the performance, reliability, high capacity and power efficiency essential to designing next-generation mobile user experiences with Micron’s innovative 3D NAND products for mobile — including products using the ultra-fast Universal Flash Storage (UFS) interface. Our unique floating gate cell technology lets us pack more capacity (up to 3X) and reliability into a smaller footprint compared to planar NAND — making our 3D NAND solutions for mobile ideal for your high-performance, ultra-slim mobile applications.

Key Benefits

High Performance

  • Get dramatically faster performance versus planar NAND with 3D NAND’s enhanced performance features — like industry-leading writes and improved random read performance.
  • Experience up to 33% higher bandwidth with our ultra-fast UFS products (versus the e.MMC 5.1 interface).

Enhanced Reliability

  • Deliver better reliability thanks to our 3D NAND’s use of proven floating gate cell architecture, which provides superior data retention compared to charge trap gate technology used by competitors.

High Capacity

  • Pack up to 3X the capacity in a smaller space (versus planar NAND) with 3D NAND’s thin 32-layer technology that vertically adds layers to the 3D stack without increasing the footprint.

Improved Power Efficiency

  • Significantly reduce power consumption with 3D NAND’s sleep mode that only powers active NAND die while leaving all other die idle in standby mode.
  • Enable a 45% DRAM power reduction in next-generation mobile multichip packages (MCPs) thanks to LPDDR4X, which reduces the I/O voltage (VDDQ) to 0.6V rather than the standard 1.1V.

Small Size

  • Build in one of the world’s smallest 3D NAND die; fit a tiny 9 x 9mm PoP or 8.5 x 11mm MCP into your ultra-small form factor devices — no problem — or free up space for a bigger battery or other enhanced features.

The UFS Advantage – Even More Speed

The Micron mobile 3D NAND products that use the UFS interface enhance performance even further — boosting read/write speeds and boot-up times to enable seamless HD streaming, higher-bandwidth gameplay, faster multimedia file loading and enhanced mobile camera performance.

Learn more about UFS Technology


In late August, we announced our first ever mobile 3D NAND memory products, enabling our smartphone customers to pack in a lot more storage capacity into a smaller footprint. While bringing this new 3D architecture to mobile is significant, perhaps even more exciting was our...

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Ready to learn more? Depending on your needs, our 3D NAND and UFS options for mobile come in both MCP and discrete options. Contact us to find a solution that’s a perfect fit for you.