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Raw NAND Management Software

MFTL for e.MLC+

  • MFTL Linux driver for Android/Linux system storage solution
  • Efficient boot loader, kernel, recovery and file system storage management
  • Apply e.MLC+ features for high performance and reliable storage functions
  • In-house and CSV validations

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Download MFTL Software for e.MLC+ NAND

Download Rockchip MTFTL Chipset Software Package



Simplify the integration of NAND into your mobile handset designs with Micron's NANDcode™ suite of software for NAND Flash-based MCPs and PoPs. NAND Flash memory provides high storage capacity, high performance, and low cost, but only NANDcode software gives you the key to optimized performance.

NANDcode's advanced flash translation layer (FTL) and flash drivers allow you to design with confidence, knowing that we've anticipated integration challenges and collaborated with chipset vendors and OS engineers to solve them. NANDcode works hand-in-hand with every major mobile OS.

Our NANDcode software suite simplifies your development process, helping you optimize your design and derive the greatest benefit from our full-featured NAND technology.

  • NANDcode C library for embedded system storage solution
  • Design for low memory footprint storage requirement
  • Apply SLC NAND features for high performance and reliable storage functions
  • In-house and OEM validations

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Download NANDcode