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Boot from NAND

Boot-from-NAND Flash

Simplify your design by using high-density, low-cost NAND Flash memory. The added complexity of using two devices—NOR for boot processes and NAND to meet density requirements—isn't necessary, given the capabilities of NAND.

Renew the way you think about the boot-up process and complex embedded systems. Combining NAND Flash and Mobile LPDRAM enables system designers to decrease costs while improving performance.

Innovate by creating new multimedia-enabled mobile handsets that rely on industry-leading processor technology and a proven memory supplier.

Read Micron’s comprehensive technical note and view the Boot-from-NAND demonstration to learn how we used a platform-independent storage module (PISMO) equipped with the Texas Instruments OMAP 2430 processor to boot up a Linux OS in under 40 seconds.