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NANDcode Software

NANDcode™ Software—Open the Door to NAND Flash’s Full Potential

Simplify the integration of NAND into your mobile handset designs with Micron's NANDcode™ suite of software for NAND Flash-based MCPs and PoPs. NAND Flash memory provides high storage capacity, high performance, and low cost, but only NANDcode software gives you the key to optimized performance.

NANDcode's advanced flash translation layer (FTL) and flash drivers allow you to design with confidence, knowing that we've anticipated integration challenges and collaborated with chipset vendors and OS engineers to solve them. NANDcode works hand-in-hand with every major mobile OS.

Our NANDcode software suite simplifies your development process, helping you optimize your design and derive the greatest benefit from our full-featured NAND technology.


  • Endurance: advanced wear-leveling algorithms evenly allocate the data throughout the NAND, dramatically extending its lifespan.
  • Performance: our drivers work hand-in-hand with the device’s processor to increase performance through cache read and write functionality and dual-plane operations.
  • Security: NANDcode’s unique security features enable the NAND to restrict access to sensitive data.

Dramatic Performance Improvements

The advanced processing enabled by our NANDcode™ software allows some of our NAND devices to perform at three times the speed of the competition.

To prove it, we put together a simple demonstration using a TI OMAP™ demo board running Windows Mobile® OS. The demo pits our NAND and NANDcode FTL software against Samsung’s OneNAND™ using Microsoft’s FTL.

Watch the video below to see the results.



Downloading NANDcode

Ready to simplify your NAND integration? We’ve collaborated with chipset vendors and OS engineers to produce a suite of engineering software and services for MCPs and PoPs. In addition to our NANDcode™ Software, you'll find processor-optimization tech notes and system compatibility reports. It’s all available to our customers though our Mobile Engineering secure documents and tools.

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About NAND in Mobile Handsets

As the storage medium of choice for today’s handsets, NAND is currently used to store a range of data in mobile applications—from boot code, simple call logs, and contact information to web caching, photos, music, and other media-rich content.

Fundamental changes are happening in the mobile industry—devices are becoming more sophisticated and must leverage all the high-performance benefits of this great storage medium. Let us help you optimize your NAND and make the most of your mobile design.

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*Secure site access requires Micron's prior approval, is granted on a case-by-case basis, and is subject to acceptance of confidentiality agreement terms. Download of NANDcode software located within the secure site is subject to acceptance of software license agreement terms.