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Microchip background

e.MMC-Based MCP

Our e.MMC-Based MCPs do more than meet the memory requirements of mid-tier phones, tablets, auto infotainment systems and smart watches. They save more than 40% space versus discrete memory—reducing the memory footprint, simplifying PCB design, and speeding time to market. Built on a foundation of Micron-manufactured e.MMC (MLC/TLC NAND + microcontroller) and LPDRAM, these JEDEC-compliant, footprint-compatible devices enable simple and flexible system design and certification.

By Density

DRAM Type DRAM Density Voltage Package
LPDDR3 8Gb, 24Gb, 32Gb, 16Gb, 4Gb 3.3V WFBGA, VFBGA
LPDDR4 24Gb, 32Gb, 48Gb 3.3V TFBGA, VFBGA
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Micron's Multichip Packages.
  • Updated: 09/30/2015
Customer Service Note
The first section of this customer service note describes the product marks and labels we place on our devices. The second section describes the labels used on and in our packaging.
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  • Updated: 08/24/2018