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DDR4 SDRAM Solutions

We’re Ready to Help Elevate Your Enterprise Innovations

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To compete in growing enterprise and cloud computing markets, you need efficient power, reliable products and maximum performance. Micron’s DDR4 products have a a rich set of features that address reliability, speed, power, and stacking capabilities—taking application performance to an entirely new level beyond DDR3.

DDR4 is ideal for high-end enterprise and storage systems as well as cloud server providers that support applications requiring large memory footprints, such as in-memory databases and real-time analytics.

DDR4 SDRAMTransform Your Applications

  • Performance: Improve performance up to 50% compared to DDR3 (Data rates as high as 3200MT/s).
  • Power: Save over 25% more power compared to DDR3.
  • Speed: Deliver faster burst accesses.
  • Capacity: Get higher-capacity memory modules with up to 8-die stacking capability.
  • Integrity: Improve data signal integrity.
  • Reliability: Reduce time spent on debugging and improve system reliability with boundary scan (JTAG), which enables early fault detection.

Intel Haswell

Intel-Validated Solutions

Our DDR4 has been validated in Intel's Skylake architecture, Intel’s most recent processor microarchitecture. The Skylake architecture, which uses Intel’s 14-nm process node, enables enterprise and cloud computing systems to take advantage of DDR4’s considerable performance and power-saving capabilities.

Why Choose Micron DDR4?

  • Take Your Pick: Choose from a variety of densities and module form factors to support your specific needs.
  • Best-In-Class Quality and Reliability: We build high quality, reliable products that our engineers design and rigorously test in-house. 
  • Gain Support: Team with us to receive the technical support, hands-on service and quality interaction to build a strong partnership.