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Microchip background


Our high-speed, high-density FBDIMMs can give you virtually unlimited scalability of density and high-bandwidth solutions, all with an extremely reliable channel protocol
How do we do it? At the core of FBDIMM architecture is an advanced memory buffer (AMB) which provides an interface from the DRAM through the high-speed information channel. Our FBDIMM technology uses DDR2 memory with a different topology, and this high-speed, point-to-point interface rapidly transmits signals among the controller, memory devices, and other modules, enabling simultaneous task performance (and eliminating additional dead time), while reducing soft errors.

With data rates as high as 4.8 Gb/s, our FBDIMMs enable extremely fast buffering—optimizing server performance, limiting data inaccuracies, avoiding crashes, and improving overall reliability.

By Density

Density Voltage Width Speed Op Temp Module Rank
8GB 1.8V x72 PC2-5300 0C to +85C Dual Rank
4GB 1.8V x72 PC2-6200 0C to +95C Dual Rank
2GB 1.8V x72 PC2-6400 0C to +95C Dual Rank
1GB 1.8V x72 PC2-6400 0C to +95C Single Rank
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Micron’s SPD data conforms to JEDEC industry standards and is available through Micron’s SPD tool with your Micron module part number. To get the most current serial presence-detect (SPD) data simply type any Micron DRAM module part number into search box.
  • Updated: 01/07/2016
Use the Micron Module Validation Search Tool to verify memory compatibility with processors and motherboard chipsets. The Module Search Tool can be used to find information on Micron validated DDR3 SDRAM modules. For more information on Micron validated memory solutions,...



This guide outlines our various solutions — from DRAM components and modules to NOR and NAND Flash to solid state drives (SSDs) — available for networking applications.

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  • Updated: 12/14/2016