HMC Controller IP


Designed for use with FPGAs, our Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) controller IP yields bidirectional bandwidth of up to 240 GB/s to provide the highest performance possible for memory-bound applications like bioinformatics and graph-structured data algorithms that require high-bandwidth random access. When integrated into any Micron computing platform, the result is exceptionally high memory bandwidth and outstanding performance per watt in a small but modular, highly scalable package.

Micron’s HMC controller comes standard with all of our HMC-based modules and boards.


Micron offers a complete solution for integrating the HMC controller, including:

  • Complete HMC Controller 1.1 specification in IP, ready for implementation
  • Integration with the PicoFramework (PCIe, DMA engine, APIs, etc.)
  • Test bench with simulation model
  • Documentation, training and application support

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