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Advanced Computing Solutions

Advanced Computing Solutions offer the industry’s leading technology for high-performance computing. Built on FPGA technologies and targeted at PCI Express® (PCIe®)-based HPC or stand-alone embedded applications, our modular and highly scalable architecture delivers orders-of-magnitude performance gains, reduced energy costs, small form factors and simplified application designs.


Micron Advanced Computing Solutions (ACS), formerly Pico Computing products, comprise the industry’s leading technology for high-performance computing. Our modular, highly scalable FPGA-based HPC and embedded systems solve the biggest of the big data computing challenges — from the edge to the cloud to the desktop.

With these industry-leading technologies, including our high-performance HMC, processes that used to take hours are reduced to seconds; workloads that previously required thousands of expensive servers can be handled with a single rack of systems. In short, our solutions enable new capabilities so you can create, innovate and differentiate your business and deliver superior customer value.

To learn more about how our Advanced Computing Solutions deliver simplicity, flexibility and unrivaled performance for some of the world’s toughest computing challenges, see our technical brief: Achieve High-Performance Computing in Three Easy Steps.



Maximum Flexibility

 AC-511              EX-750             
AC Series HPC Modules          HPC Backplanes             


Maximum Performance

Single-Board Accelerators           



 SC6-4U           PicoMini         
HPC Data Center Systems         HPC Desktop Systems          

HPC Development Environment



The highly efficient, Linux-based PicoFramework provides a vital link between your application software running on a host computer and the hardware algorithm, or firmware, implemented on the Micron Advanced Computing series FPGA modules. The FPGA becomes a customized, efficient, powerful and scalable processor — optimized for your specific workload. The PicoFramework delivers a powerful but invisible active intelligence that manages the board-level implementation of FPGA designs, as well as data flow, memory management, system communication and monitoring/debug.

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HMC Controller IP

The Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) is an ultra-high bandwidth memory solution that delivers unprecedented levels of performance, power efficiency and reliability. Our innovative HMC controller IP unlocks the power of HMC, providing tremendous benefits to memory-bound applications like machine learning, which require high bandwidth and fast random access.

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OpenCL Standard

As part of our focus on streamlining and speeding the design of FPGA-based HPC systems, Micron Avvanced Computing Solutions support the OpenCL standard, a parallel programming framework that compiles C-like code to a variety of computing and processing platforms, including FPGAs.

For more information on the OpenCL standard please visit OpenCL Devices and FPGAs or Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications.


Technical Brief
Solve your big data computing challenges with Micron Advanced Computing Solutions
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  • Updated: 04/17/2018
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Micron's Advanced Computing Solutions.
  • Updated: 01/30/2018

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