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Orderable Parts for: MT28GU01GAAA2EGC-0AAT
Status Media FBGA Code SPD Data Chipset
PLP Start Date Alternative Part
MT28GU01GAAA2EGC-0AAT Obsolete N/A RW132 N/A N/A No N/A
Detailed Specifications
Density 1Gb Part Status End of Life Width x16 Voltage 1.7V-2.0V
Package TBGA Pin Count 64-ball Speed 133 MHz RoHS Yes
Op Temp -40C to +105C Applications Automotive Part Family G18 Configuration Uniform, AD-mux

Sim Models & Software

Sim Models

G18 1Gb AD mux verilog model, PC28F00G18AE, PC28F00G18AF, MT28GU01GAAA2EGC-0SIT, MT28GU01GAAA2EGC-0AAT

  • File Type: GZ
  • Updated: 07/11/2016

Package= 10x8x1.2 TBGA64. Three temp ranges: IT (-40C to +85C), AT (-40C to 105C), WT (-30C to +85). A= AD-Mux interface. x= Shipping media.

  • File Type: ZIP
  • Updated: 08/21/2013
Software Driver

General low-level driver for G18 and M18 parallel NOR. Download the technical note for this driver here.

  • File Type: ZIP
  • Updated: 04/13/2012

RoHS Certificates

RoHS Certificates
RoHS Certificate of Compliance (PDF)

Part-specific certification of how this product meets the requirements of the current DIRECTIVE 2011/65/EU and 2015/863/EU, a.k.a. Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive (Recast) without exemptions.

  • File Type: (PDF)
  • Updated: 11/2018
RoHS Certificates
China RoHS Certificate (PDF)

Part-specific certification as required by China's Management Methods for Controlling Pollution by Electronic Information Products.

  • File Type: (PDF)
  • Updated: 11/2018

Documentation & Support

See All Parallel NOR Flash Documentation
Technical Notes
Search (38) Parallel NOR Flash Technical Notes
Technical Notes

(TN-00-01) This technical note describes shipping procedures for preventing memory devices from absorbing moisture and recommendations for baking devices exposed to excessive moisture.

  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 10/15/2018
Technical Notes

(TN-12-30) This technical note defines the industry standards for this testing, Micron's NOR Flash testing methodology, and the two key metrics used to measure NOR device failure: cycling endurance and data retention.

Customer Service Notes
Customer Service Note

(CSN-11) The first section of this customer service note describes the product marks and labels we place on our devices. The second section describes the labels used on and in our packaging.

  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 08/24/2018
Customer Service Note

(CSN-33) Provides information to enable customers to easily integrate both leading-edge and legacy Micron's ball grid array (BGA) packages into their manufacturing processes. It is intended as a set of high-level guidelines and a reference manual describing typical package-related and...

  • File Type: PDF
  • Updated: 12/10/2014

Parts with the same Data Sheet (2)

Part Status End of Life End of Life End of Life
Density 1Gb 256Mb 512Mb
Width x16 x16 x16
Voltage 1.7V-2.0V 1.7V-2.0V 1.7V-2.0V
Pin Count 64-ball 64-ball 64-ball
Speed 133 MHz 133 MHz 133 MHz
RoHS Yes Yes Yes
Op Temp -40C to +105C -40C to +105C -40C to +105C
Applications Automotive Automotive Automotive
Part Family G18 G18 G18
Configuration Uniform, AD-mux Uniform, AD-mux Uniform, AD-mux

Where to Buy

Orderable Parts
Status Media FBGA Code SPD Data Chipset
PLP Start Date Alternative Part
MT28GU01GAAA2EGC-0AAT Obsolete N/A RW132 N/A N/A No N/A
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