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Micron X100: Bridging the Gap in Data Centers

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Like natural intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI) requires two things: memories and speedy information processing. Relying on past experiences to make decisions for today is perhaps the main difference between being just smart and being wise. Just as we humans rely on our memories to make decisions, AI does the same. AI requires access to large datasets to inform decision-making logic and the ability to process that data extremely fast.

The challenge for computing — to produce a hardware system with vast memory and speed-of-thought processing — has never been greater. Micron is rising to that challenge with the Micron X100 NVMe™ SSD, the world’s fastest storage solution.

Unveiled at Micron Insight 2019, Micron X100 is composed of many 3D XPoint™ memory chips. Each of these chips is superfast, with speeds close to DRAM, and has high capacity like NAND flash memory.

This powerful combination makes Micron X100 ideal for bridging the gap. Indira Joshi, Micron’s director of technical marketing said, “[X100 is] an ultra-fast tier between DRAM and storage, which gives a lot of applications flexibility for high-performance at a lower cost.”

Watch this interview with Joshi to fully grasp the power of this innovative solution and how it can transform the data center. You’ll discover why Micron X100 has been hailed as launching a “revival” in the semiconductor industry, “expected to drive breakthrough performance improvements" in AI, data centers, and a host of other applications.