Micron Foundation University Relations

The Foundation works with academic partners through outreach efforts and grants.

We are strengthening relationships with existing universities while expanding into community colleges to create more nontraditional pathways for students.

We also support the faculty and infrastructure needed for semiconductor-related programs and innovative research.

Micron Gives 2022 Year-End Summary

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Frequently asked questions

How does the Micron Foundation decide where to invest in university programs and long-term partnerships?

University partners are identified based on related engineering and STEM programs, proximity to site locations and alignment with our focus areas. Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships with select universities and colleges through faculty and staff that engage with students in engineering and/or STEM education.

I’m a professor. How do I apply for a Micron Foundation grant or fellowship?

Grants for professors are limited and based on established university and college partnerships. If you’re interested, you can coordinate with your university development director.

How many colleges and universities does the Micron Foundation support?

The Micron Foundation supports around 60 colleges and universities globally each year.

What is the process for submitting university funding requests to the Micron Foundation?

The Micron Foundation partners directly with university development directors to identify potential partnerships.

What types of university relations grants does the Micron Foundation support?

The Micron Foundation has three grants as part of its university relations program: education partnership grants, diversity and opportunity grants, and fellowships (professor grants). Each of these grant types is discussed above.


2022 year-end summary

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