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K12 Activity Request

K–12 Activity Request

Micron K–12 activities are only available in the Treasure Valley, Idaho area. Please complete the form below to request an activity or a classroom lesson presentation. For additional information contact K–12 Programs.

Guidelines for classroom presentations:

  • Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance. Requested dates are subject to availability.
  • Presentations are available one per grade level, per semester.
  • Multiple classrooms will be done in individual sessions, preferably on the same day. Please indicate the desired times for all sessions.

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ZIP/Postal Code

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Grade Level

Number of Classrooms Desiring This Activity

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Preferred Date

Preferred Time and/or Bell Schedule for Sessions

We try to accomodate all requests, but we ask that you be flexible in scheduling.

Micron Team members are encouraged to participate in their children’s classrooms. Please list the complete names of any Micron employees who have been identified as a parent or relative of a student in your class.

Describe the learning objectives this activity supports.